Mother's Day 2014

01 May 2014

Feeling unsure about your Mother's Day gift?  So am I! My mom is sort of hard to shop for, so I turn to gifting her with daily essentials.  Make a list of items you constantly see your mom gush over or always says she needs-it'll make shopping so much easier.  Below is my Mother's Day gift guide with tiny explanations, hope it helps speed up your shopping!

Coffee Mug: My mom is always on the road and good mug is what she definitely needs.
Concert/Theatre Tickets: If your mom's favorite musical/artist is in town, get her a pair of tickets, she'll love it!
Tote Bag:  It's a mom thing to always need a big bag to carry all her items in, surprise her with one in her favorite color :)
Spa Treatment: Your mom needs to unwind, treat her to a nice spa day.
Gift Cards: You can't go wrong with gift cards to her favorite store(s)!
Picture Frames:  Go ahead and throw in an old family photo as a reminder to your mom of what a great family she has.
Flowers: Sometimes, as cliche as this gift can be, flowers are a powerful gift that gets left behind.  Bring home a bouquet for your mom and be ready to measure the smile on her face!

xo..Brocade Closet

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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