My Target Style

30 May 2018

Hey friends!  So it's no joke there is a huge Target obsession that took over out of no where.  I can't even remember when the "went to Target for soap, left with a thousand things" meme started but it is so true and I am not even mad about it.  One thing I do remember though was associating Target clothing to "not good enough" when I was in middle school because a girl younger than me wore Massimo jeans and I'm not even sure who said it, I overheard it, but some other chick said something mean about this girl because she wore Target brand jeans.  Ew some girls are so awful!  Well, joke is on whoever said that because Target is EVERYTHING.  So much so that my entire outfit in this post is from Target!

How To Make a Bow Hair Tie

28 May 2018

Hey guys!  Just wanted to pop in and give written instructions on how to make this easy bow hair tie. I've seen them all over the place and think they're so cute for the beach, pool or just to step your hair game up.  If you don't know how to sew or have a sewing (I used a serger) machine, don't worry!  You can still make this with no sew fabric glue - like this one.  Let's go over how to make this super hair tie!

Vegan Mole Enchiladas Recipe

21 May 2018

Hey hey!  A goal I have for myself is to eat meatless at least two times a week.  In a perfect world of mine, I'd be on a plant based diet, but I really do love some dairy products so it's all about baby steps for me.  In the kitchen, I love to experiment with recipes I find on Pinterest or shared by other bloggers.  This weekend, I saw a yummy enchilada recipe and decided to give it a try.  The dish came out DELICIOUS so I wanted to share it with you guys!  Enchilada's are my jam and finding a version of it that doesn't contain cheese, and that I'm okay with, was hard.  If you're just like me and not willing to give up the cheese on your enchilada's, this post is for you!  It was weird to not miss it or even care that it wasn't part of the recipe.  Ready to try them for yourselves?  Let's go over the details.

Clique Media Group Summer Gifting Suite Event

19 May 2018

Hey guys!  With summer just around the corner, there's so much to look forward to.  Obviously longer days, pool and beach outings are on the horizon for me, but in my personal blog life, it means summer activations.  Last week, I was so lucky to head down to Clique Media Group's Summer Gifting Suite event and you guys, the sponsors were amazing.  To say I have enough sponsors to produce summer content is an understatement haha.  From Urban Outfitters to J. Crew to Coach, I'm so excited to be geared up to produce fun posts for you guys!  The reason why I wanted to chat about this event is because I'm often asked what it's like to attend blogger events.  Beyond just Instagram stories and photos, there's a lot of fun that happens when a bunch of bloggers and influencers meet up, so let's recap this event!  

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