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30 May 2018

Hey friends!  So it's no joke there is a huge Target obsession that took over out of no where.  I can't even remember when the "went to Target for soap, left with a thousand things" meme started but it is so true and I am not even mad about it.  One thing I do remember though was associating Target clothing to "not good enough" when I was in middle school because a girl younger than me wore Massimo jeans and I'm not even sure who said it, I overheard it, but some other chick said something mean about this girl because she wore Target brand jeans.  Ew some girls are so awful!  Well, joke is on whoever said that because Target is EVERYTHING.  So much so that my entire outfit in this post is from Target!

Yes, you read that right.  My shoes, jacket, jumpsuit and earrings are all from Target lol.  I've been pretty obsessed with their clothes for a few years now and feel like I receive most of my compliments whenever I wear something from Target.  If there's something I've always been an advocate of it's wearing a $2 item and making it look like a $200 item.  For example, these shoes were only about $30, are super comfortable, did not have to break them in and can run a mile in them.  I saw the exact same pair at a popular shoe store a day later and they were $120.  I'm sorry, what and why?  I get it, quality and name brands mean a lot to people and hey, sometimes the name brand quality DOES make a difference!  Don't get me wrong, I do like name brand things, but when it comes to something I'm going to wear here and there, I'm totally cool with not splurging.  Save for the closet staples, you know?

Anyway, I was pretty stoked to dress myself up in this outfit because 1. I love this jumpsuit and 2. I live for the Sugarfix by Baublebar collection.  Everything about Target's A New Day collection is amazing and it's so hard to leave items behind whenever I go out for face wash.  Seriously, even the shoes are to die for and now all I can think about are the colorful slides I saw earlier this week - ugh! Anyway, the jean jacket is from their Universal Thread line and I pretty much wear it everyday.  My favorite thing about this jacket are the inner pockets.  They are seriously a gift whenever I go out and don't want to take a whole bag, you know?  Why do I feel like I'm raving about Target's clothing to people that have never shopped it?  I'm sure if we're online friends, you guys MUST also shop at Target lol.  To stay open to different audiences, if you have not checked out their clothing lines, you simply have to and I will leave it at that.  Hey, maybe I just introduced a new thing to you guys!  Anyway, my entire outfit is linked below so don't forget to shop.  Chat with you all again soon.

Melissa Victoria

Jumpsuit: Shop here | Jacket: Shop darker wash here | Sandals: Shop all four colors here | Earrings: Shop every color here

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