Creamy Cauliflower Mac | Thanksgiving Sides

18 November 2020

Okay. I finally stopped eating my Thanksgiving sides and right on time to at least get two recipe's out before next week! Whether you're eating alongside close family or staying home, you should still find a reason to feel thankful and EAT. I have no idea where to even start with cooking a turkey and don't think I actually ever want to learn how (lol) so I think I'll sign myself up for sides now and forever. My first recipe: Creamy Cauliflower Mac. It's super creamy, tastes like a healthier version of Alfredo sauce and takes about 5 ingredients to whip up! This is a vegetarian dish and it can be vegan if you substitute the cheese for vegan cheese - FYI Trader Joe's sells an outstanding shredded almond cheese bag. Anyway, here's what you need and how to make! 

How I Fixed My Bloating Discomfort

10 November 2020

Hey guys! Let's talk about one of my favorite subjects - bloating. I'm obsessed with this subject because it's been one of my longest struggles to figure out. Long story short, I went on a wellness journey to try to figure out what caused my bloating discomfort. For the record, bloating is completely normal. Pain from bloating, maybeeee not haha. The first time I spoke to a doctor about it, he said, "Well you're a skinny girl. Your stomach is going to naturally grow as you eat" which now looking back, was the most rude thing to say to a patient who had zero health education. It could've been a serious matter and he didn't even bother to listen. I felt so completely shut down, so I never asked about it again. I did get a new doctor though and my new one is my forced best friend. Anyway, when bloating started interfering with my daily life (what I wore, self consciousness over what I ate, feeling excessively full after very little food)  I knew I had to do something. So I started my research and asking questions! Through it all, I found a lot of what I was feeling perhaps had to do with intestinal issues that I 100% was not paying attention to. Gut health, listening to my body and keeping track of what didn't agree went right over my head and that was the problem. 

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