How I Pack For A Trip

08 January 2019

It's almost time for another vacation in my life and I'm heading off to somewhere I've never been before.  Even if I've never been there, it still feels very familiar given that it's another beach where all I have to do is throw on a bathing suit and sip on a cocktail - my absolute favorite thing EVER.  Sure packing a bunch of bathing suits is easy but there's still something about the packing process that might feel like you're literally moving your life haha.  I'm notorious for packing everything but JUST enough to get me by so in this post, I'll be sharing my top three tips to packing a carry-on generously and still having it all together.  You ready for this vacay!?

Cheers To The New Year!

01 January 2019

Hello 2019 and hello babes (and some guys that might read this!) It's the new year and with that comes A TON of opportunities to evolve.  Last year was a lot busier than I expected it to be, a year full of ups and downs, but nonetheless all lessons and blessings.  With so much to look forward to in 2019, I wanted to reflect and share what I'm most looking forward to and chat about a few goals I'd love to accomplish.  What'll be interesting is to come back on December 31st to read how well I did - who is going to sign up to keep me accountable!  Alright, let's get down with the get down. 

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