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27 June 2013

Aside from this blog, I write in a journal about things that are personal to myself and tonights entry was about my life and what I want out of it.  One thing that is never planned is love, it comes in the most unexpected ways without even asking for it. Something I've learned is you can't go into a relationship thinking it's only your "boyfriend for now" because you never know how far that relationship will get.  So how will you know if you're ready to take your relationship to another level? Thanks to this article from Girls Guide to Beta, the following are 8 valuable lessons to learn about yourself before settling down. Thanks Girls Guide!
xo and goodnight,
Brocade Closet

1. Know yourself first 
To forgo sounding like a broken record, I'll skip over the whole "love yourself first" speech and simply say this: Know what you want out of life. Do you want a big career in the city? To live in the most glamourous penthouse possible? Do you want the space of the suburbs? A family? Or do you want it all, the career and a family? Outline your own dreams, your own passions and always come back to them in every facet. You'll be the most happy when you come to realize that many of these dreams will be your reality some day. When it comes time to settle down, your man will want to know these things about you too. Learn to squeeze every little thing you can out of life.
2. Make best girl friends
Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte proved to women everywhere that the relationships we have with our girl friends are some of the most important relationships we will ever make. When Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome stands you up, these are the girls who let you cry on their shoulders. They spoon feed you Ben and Jerry's and point out all the horrible flaws you failed to realize the first time. Whether they are your sorority sisters, best friends from high school, or coworkers, steal quick coffee breaks to gossip about who's sleeping with who and dedicate yourself to these ladies for life, They were there for you first. 
3. Learn to laugh out loud
Don't take things too seriously, including yourself. So what if you spilled your burning hot mocha frappuccino down the front of your favorite white t-shirt on the way to work this morning. Find the humor in as many situations as possible and make it a point to smile everyday. You'd be amazed by how much happier and stress-free you will feel when you let go and don't sweat the small stuff. 
4. Let him chase you
Don't be that girl waiting by the phone all night. We all pitied Ginnifer Goodwin in He's Just Not That Into You and swore we would never, ever analyze every single detail like she did. Keep that promise to yourself because it's those times when you aren't even looking that something perfect seems to come along. When it does, don't chase after him. If he really likes you he'll call, he'll ask you out, he'll do everything in his power to make you his and it will seem all the more romantic to you. Put down the phone, stop texting every guy on your contact list, and enjoy the mystery of it all. 
5. Define and redefine sexy
My own personal motto is look good, feel good. Vivienne Westwood defines sexy as "looking powerful and important." I couldn't agree more. Find what makes you feel sexy. It might be the LBD you bought back in college that still fits like a glove, the new stilettos you just bought, styling your hair a certain way, or a pair of slouchy weekend jeans. Feeling sexy has nothing to do with looking easy. It's all about empowerment. Try defining the term for yourself and take your self confidence to a whole new level. 
6. Know your deal breakers
Take it from the 6 merry murderesses of death row, if you can't stand it when a man pops his gum, you're never going to get over it. Even if he seems perfect in every other way except one minor-- err, major-- flaw you have to know when to move on. If it's something you think you can get over eventually when the right man comes along make sure the two of you can come to an agreement. Relationships are about balance and compromise and being happy with one another. 
7. Know how to support yourself financially
Silently hum Kanye West's Gold Digger to yourself for 30 seconds and then snap back into reality. While I don't think any of us would complain if the man we fell in love with was secretly a millionaire, we owe it to ourselves to have the means to take care of ourselves. Whether you're a personal chef or a top executive, make it a point to have an education and a career. Glance back at the ladies from Sex and the City once more and take note that all of them were successful in their field of choice. I'm not saying I fully understand how Carrie managed to afford Manolo Blahniks on a freelance writer's paycheck but the point is she did.
8. Choose you
This is easily my most important piece of advice. Always, always, always put you and your own happiness first.

Beauty Products under $10, yes please!

Seriously, if you're ever in need of quick beauty products, don't even bother going to the mall.  I'm the worst when it comes to this because I love designer make up, I'm one of those really dumb shoppers that believes the quality in expensive make up is so much better than something from a drugstore.  I've got way smarter though recently and started experimenting with a few products and so far, the following are my absolute favorite and the best part is they're all under 10 bucks :)


Brocade Closet

I'm guilty of loving lipstick, I wear it pretty much everyday, red being my signature.  Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick ranges from $4-$8 and has been the most amazing back up lipstick ever. 

Before I started using a MAC eyeliner, I used this one.  Covergirl's Perfect Point Plus eyeliner works wonders. It hardly smears and its super narrow for a perfect line, grab it at a drugstore for about $5.   

Okay so of the thousands of nail polish brands out there, I prefer Essie or OPI.  Essie nail polish runs for about $8 and comes in so many super pretty fun colors.  I think you can find this at in Impulse section at Macy's, if not Target has a nice collection! 

Okay, get out of the mall for mascara-seriously. I used super expensive mascara for years and finally gave this one a try. It's just the BEST mascara and runs for only about $5.  It comes in waterproof/regular, different brushes and colors, give it a try, you won't regret saving so much money

Taper Jean Girl

15 March 2013

Fabulosa Friday <3333

Hi all! What a happy way to start off our weekend right? It's so nice and sunny and doesn't seem to be going away for the rest of the weekend, what a treat! Anyways, today my outfit was inspired by one of my favorite Kings of Leon songs, Taper Jean Girl.  I absolutely LOVE being inspired by music, it's almost like my day has a focus of what kind of woman I want to be throughout the day. Lately, I've been obsessed with everything JEAAAAAN! Jean on Jean has never looked so amazing to me.  It might be a little weird to most, but don't be afraid to try it! Choose two shades of jean, pair them up and see how your outfit comes out :) Here's a little inspiration for all you jean lovers, happy Fabulosa Friday! 

Brocade Closet

Jean Top: Forever 21, not sure how much but they're under $20!
Shoes: Forever 21, $24.99
Brocade Closet Steal! Jean Skirt: Costa Mesa Goodwill, $5.50
Necklace: Forever 21, $3.80-BEST four dollars spent, I get so many compliments on that necklace lol

10 February 2013

Hazardous Trends!
You could've avoided this picture Gaga!

Beware ladies! There are some trends out there prepping us for our most embarrassing moments yet! Stay clear of them before you experience a GaGa moment like this and are doomed with a "hey remember when.." memory. Check out these hazardous trends and great alternatives :)

Spiked Shoes

Okay, there is a difference between chic and hooker.  Some shoes with spikes are great, but keep the spikes in moderation.  Not all spikes quite work out and lately I've seen GREAT outfits from head to knee...but don't work out beyond that.  Oh the shay of having a spectacular outfit just to be ruined with these horrible shoes that squeezed themselves into becoming a fashion trend. 

Spiked shoe DON'T!!!!

Spiked shoe YES. Keep the spikes in full moderation like these Sam Edelman beauties.
Spikes on Jackets

Again, the key to wearing spikes is to keep them in complete moderation.  Leave the over the top spikes to the boys of KISS! Not every inch of your outerwear coat or jacket should be covered with spikes, besides, you never know when someone could unexpectedly get a little too close to you.  Can you imagine explaining to the doctors how your clothes popped out a strangers eye!?  Check out these examples below!
Spikes on outwear DON'T! This trench coat is so terrible haha!

YES! They're still a little risky, but a much better alternative, and super cute.
Now THIS is adorable.  An absolute yes and thumbs up.  Great alternative to wearing spikes on outerwear.

Shoes without HEELS...wait what?

Oh these shoes are just so ridiculous.  I'm sorry, I know some girls are all about these shoes but not only do they look weird, they're just so hazardous.  I tried a pair on at a boutique a while back and have never felt so unsafe, as if an ankle strap would make it any better.  They wouldn't even be considered heels since they don't even have any! Beware of these shoes ladies, you never know when a gust of wind can push you causing you to fall on your back..had you of had a heel behind your shoes, maybe your head trauma would've never happened ;) let's just be safe and stay clear from these okay? 

There is just no alternative to these shoes, try a regular more fashionable HEEL! 

Garter Tights...IN PUBLIC!?

You might as well write "I'm sexual" on your forehead and proudly walk. This trend is so hard for me to understand, just leave it within your own privacy ladies.  There is nothing more trashy than walking around with "fashionable" garters.  I've even seen some girls wear REAL garters under their shorts as an alternative to these tights and it really makes me cringe.  Go home and change into regular tights instead or even lace tights if you do wanna give off a sexy look-but all in all, there is NOTHING more trashy and classless than wearing garters out in public.  How is this hazardous? Well, would you consider resembling a hooker and being confused for one? So embarrassing.

Cute from head to waste, get rid of the tights and maybe add nude heels to avoid looking like a bumble bee.

No....just no.
Morticia Nails

I just want to say this about these nails. Unless you want to poke someone's eye out, if not your own..or need an extra help scratching an itch..leave these only to Morticia herself :)

Ladies, try all the better alternatives! I'd hate for you to have a great outfit and then ruin it with a hazardous trend.  Hope you all had a great weekend, tootles for now.
Brocade Closet 

Coachella 2013-Festival Fashion

25 January 2013

 Coachella 2013-Festival Fashion

I've never been to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, but after viewing this years line up, I feel like trying to score tickets. Acts that I'd love to watch include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Dropkick Murphy's, Social Distortion, Vampire Weekend, Wu Tang Clan, and Johnny Marr.  With months away from the festival, I would like to thank the coordinators of this event for allowing us all the opportunity to carefully plan out our outfits! According to experienced festival attendees, the weather is extremely warm.  Therefore, it's necessary to plan smart, cool, outfits.  Never been to the festival? Check out the necessary items below to having a fashion fun weekend!

Sandals: Because of the warm weather, it's nice to let your feet refresh themselves!  Unless you will be involved in heavy moshing, at least one pair of sandals is necessary to pack.  Below are some of my favorites at a decent price.

Peeptoe Booties- $24.80 at Forever 21

Basketweave Sandal- $19.80 at Forever 21-also available in black!

Lace Up Sandal-$39.00 at Urban Outfitters-also available  in black!

Kimchi Sandal-$39.00 at Urban Outfitters-also available in black!

Layered Metal Sandals-$24.80 at Forever 21

Shorts: Even when the weather isn't too hot outside, every girl needs a great pair of shorts! To match the 'hippie for a weekend' Coachella theme, the following are my favorite finds.

American Cutie High Waisted Shorts-$38.00 on
High-Waisted Metallic Tweed Shorts-$19.80 at Forever 21

Brocade Closet fav! Colored Denim Shorts-$12.80 at Forever 21-available in different colors!
Vintage High Waisted Distressed Shorts-$35.00 on
Dresses/skirts- From maxi's to baby-doll's, to mini's and a-line's, dresses and skirts make for easy ready to go outfit's.  If you're more of the easy going concert goer not really looking into having a mosh circle experience, try out these essentials.

Brocade Closet fav! Mossimo Women's Pleated Maxi-$19.99 at Target-available in different colors!
Printed Strappy Dress-$39.99 at American Eagle

Ikat Striped High Low Skirt-$17.80 at Forever 21
Belted Polka Dot Shirtdress-$24.80-available in different colors!
Accessories: My favorite part of putting outfits together is adding accessories.  Accessories can completely change the direction of an outfit.  Fun accessories include hats, glasses, belts, cross body bags, necklaces and more! Here are my favorite Coachella accessories.
Melbourne Ring-To-Wrist Bracelet-$18.00 at Urban Outfitters

UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses-$16.00 at Urban Outfitters

On the Spot Polka Dot Turban-$12.00 at Foreign Exchange

Pleated Floral Floppy Hat-$12.80 at Forever 21

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