Off The Shoulder Blouse + Mini Jean Skirt

22 July 2016

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Top: Shoe Dazzle (Shop here + similar here) // Skirt : Zara (Shop similar here + here) // Shoes: Old Navy (shop both colors here + similar here) // Sunnies: Miu Miu (Shop similar here)

Happy FRIDAY everyone!  We made it to the weekend, woop woop! Something I love about my weekends is the extra time I get to spend getting ready.  This means trying different tops on with different bottoms and shoes and most of the time, this also means throwing on an outfit I'd probably not getaway with at work.  This mini jean skirt and off the shoulder top is a perfect example of something you'd catch me in over the weekend FOR SURE.  Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, temps are rising in Orange County, so the less clothes I can wear the better!  That sounds really bad and I don't mean it at all in a provocative way haha, I just hate to wear jeans when it's hot out!  Anyway, I got this skirt at Zara a few months ago and I believe it's all sold out now.  Luckily, mini jean skirts are trending this year so I've found a few alternatives for you guys, which are linked up top in the outfit details.  This blouse is from ShoeDazzle...wait did you guys know they even sold clothing?!  They do!  If you sign up for a VIP membership, you get a special initiation discount that could definitely go towards the purchase of this what are you waiting for?  The shoes I bought at Old Navy about a month ago are selling out quick.  They're super comfortable, come in almond and black and I've literally been living in them ever since I bought them.  I did link another pair I found at Nordstrom's in the details that are super similar and not too expensive as well.  Anyway, I'll leave you guys with this for the weekend...have a great Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

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DIY Summer Maxi Dress

21 July 2016

Who doesn't like a comfortable summer maxi?  Idk about you guys, but temps usually rise around July so the last thing on my mind is putting jeans on!  For that exact reason, I tend to stock up on dresses around this time of year for their simplicity and easy wear.  Not too long ago, I came across this Style In An Instant fabric during my usual weekly run at Joanns and knew it would make the most perfect summer dress.  Three-quarters of a yard, two basic stitches and 10 minutes later... I had a very cute maxi haha.  Obviously I couldn't make this type of dress without sharing, so let's go over all the details!

You'll Need:

Fabric: Shop this print here
Sewing Machine


1. To determine how much fabric you need, wrap the fabric around your body once.  Make sure you pull on the elastic when you're wrapping so when you sew it, it'll fit nice and snug.  I only used three-quarters of a yard. 

2. Turn the fabric inside out and start to pin down the two raw edges to make a tube.  Make sure you carefully align the elastic lines together for an overall clean look. As you continue to pin down, gradually start to widen out the skirt of the dress.  You're going to need a wider skirt to comfortably walk in.

3. Once your pins are in place, sew a basic stitch all the way down.

 4. Once you've reached the bottom, try the dress on and cut off any excessive fabric.

  5. Finally, run a zig-zag stitch around the bottom to lock in the raw edges annnnnnddd.. you're done!  Go off and enjoy this dress, I'll check back in with you guys soon :)

Currently Coveting | Transitional Wants

11 July 2016

Currently Coveting

Hey guys! I'm going on a mini trip with my family soon and I'd be lying if I said my Pinterest boards aren't fired up with brand new pins.  We're heading up the coast of California to a few spots we've never been to (minus one location) and I'm super excited.  Throughout my pinning, I've found a few items I'm really REALLY coveting and am going to try my best to pick them up ASAP for my getaway!  Something I really hate about wanting in-the-heat items is spending on things I know I'm only going to wear once a year (unseasonal items).  In this Currently Coveting post, I chose a few items that I'd like to not only take with me on this trip, but items I know I'll be able to mix and match with others later on this year.  Do my coveted items match yours!?  Chat with you all soon!

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Top Knot Tutorial | Short Hairstyle

05 July 2016

Hey lovely readers! As most of you have already noticed, I cut 12 INCHES off of my hair last month.  It was a huge decision I made the day before I went into my salon and I still can't believe I actually did it haha.  My hair had never been that long before and I just absolutely loved every inch of it.  As most things go, all good things must come to an end, and in my case, my hair was cut and donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  As much as I couldn't imagine not having long hair for my sister's wedding this October, I feel so much more happier knowing someone out there is gaining an extra 12"'s of hair.

Since my cut, I've been dealing with that awkward short hair phase where it's not long enough for certain hair styles.  I've basically just been straightening it, attempting beach curls and my knotting.  When I had long hair, I always felt like my top knots looked weird and ended up taking my buns apart.  I'm sure it was probably just all in my head because now I seriously can't stop top knotting!  It's my favorite hair style to do right now, so I'm going to show you guys how I make it happen in just four easy steps.  Let's do this!

Step 1

Straighten or curl your hair.  I've found my knots work best with 2-3 day unwashed hair.  I've done a knot the same day of a wash and the only difference was my bun was much sleeker and required more bobby pins to keep it in place.  My hair here was washed and air dried the day before taking these pictures, so it's super clean and silky.

Step 2

To make your part, take your thumbs and form a decent sized mini pony tail.  I usually start around my temples to only get the very top of my hair.

Step 3

Gently comb the front of your pony tail with your fingers and either pull it as far back as you'd like or give yourself a little room for a loose pompadour.  Use your right index finger as a base and begin wrapping your ponytail around.

Step 4
Remove your finger and tie your bun with a skinny hair tie.  Take a few bobby pins and pin where needed to keep your bun from falling out of place.  Apply light hairspray to the front of your hair as well as your top knot.

That wasn't so hard was it?!  If your knot doesn't come out good the first time, it's totally okay just try again :)  Practice will make perfect and before you know it, top knotting will be your go-to five minute hairstyle.  Anyway, I'm done with my first hair tutorial for now.  I'll post more as I continue to experiment and master this hair length of mine.  Have a great Tuesday, loves!

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Target Style | Summer Trench

03 July 2016

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Dress: Zara (Shop similar here + here) // Sandals: Old Navy (Shop different color here + similar here ) // Glasses: Ray Ban (Shop here) // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (On sale here) // Trench: Who What Wear x Target (Shop the line here + this trench here)

Four words: WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET.  Please tell me you've all seen this line?!  I actually hadn't until my coworker made mention of it to me and it's actually pretty amazing.  Great job Who What Wear and Target!  You've officially drained my weekly allowance haha.  This hunter green trench has been on my "I need" list for a long time now, so when I saw this at my local Target, I freaked out.  It was so inexpensive and is such a fun clothing accessory to toss on over anything.  If you like this trench, trust me when I say you'll love the rest of the line!  I've linked it under all outfit details above, have fun shopping!

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One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, FLOOR!

01 July 2016

Sighhh, well June was a hell of a month!  I take my birthday month very SERIOUSLY you super serious lol.  This year, I threw myself a birthday party, had a small shin dig at my moms the day of my birthday, went out to a birthday dinner and of course...Vegas.  Reflecting on my birthday month, I feel like it was the longest month of 2016 thus far haha!  One of my favorite birthday celebrations I hosted this month was my Senoritas Only Tequila Tasting Party.  This was a super last minute celebration I put together in about three weeks and was so happy with the overall turn out.  I invited a handful of my girlfriends to come over for an afternoon of tequila tasting and trust me when I say...we hit the floor after a few tastings haha.  Looking at these pictures makes me feel so nostalgic because I so badly wish I could go back to this day </3! It was so much fun planning and making my fiesta vision come to life!  Seriously, thanks to everyone who stopped by to taste tequila and allow me to intoxicate you for a little bit haha.  I wouldn't be me if I didn't provide the cocktails! All party details are below, I'll talk to you guys later.  HAPPY FRIDAY!

xo..Brocade Closet

Plastic shot glasses: Party City
Straws: Party City
Margarita Ready Mix: Sams Club
Balloons: Etsy
Cake: My aunt made it! So freakin yummy.
Cups: Buy 1 Get 1 Free at Party City
Napkins/Plates: Sams Club
Blanket & Hat were borrowed
Booze Can: The Dollar Tree
Pinatas: Target
Prop Sign: I made it on Word :)
Paper Flowers: I made them! I'll be sharing my Etsy listing soon.
Flowers: South Coast Wholesale Flowers-best shop in Orange County! 

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