5 {Super Fun} things to do in December

11 December 2014

Enjoy December

Enjoy December by brocadecloset featuring white home decor

We're almost half way into December-what have you done so far!?  Well, the good news is that I got all my holiday shopping done already so as a reward for not procrastinating, I'm totally going to make it a point to enjoy all things Christmas themed.  I really only have a few days to enjoy this holiday in the states as I'm heading out of the country for a while, so I've made a list of fun (holiday themed) activities to do during this lovely month!

1. GET YOURSELF A CHRISTMAS TREE!-& decorate it, duh!

I grew up with a fake tree so I don't really remember what it's like to pick the perfect one out, but hey, I heard they're expensive so maybe a fake tree is the way to go?!  It also cuts down the immense guilt you'll have of knowingly purchasing a tree that once quite possibly housed a few birds.  *Grinch moment* Anyways, jump onto Pinterest and look up pretty decorated Christmas trees for inspiration.  Nothing gets you in the Christmas mood more than a Christmas tree ;)

2. Visit your local ice skating rink

I haven't been to an ice skating rink in years and am dying to go to one!  I personally like the rinks that sit in the middle of a city, but I'm also aware that not every state shares the same night time weather ha!  A rink that I plan on visiting sits in Downtown LA in Pershing Square.  If you're from Southern California, this is definitely a rink to visit!  It's surrounded by beautifully lit trees, awesome restaurants, etc, so beware of the romance!  I repeat-BEWAREEEE.  But, if you can handle a little romance, take your sweetheart out for lovely date.

3. Host a Secret Santa gift exchange party

Be the hostess with the mostess! This is a great opportunity to get your closest pals together for a chic party full of wine, desserts and small gifts.  Not to mention, also a great opportunity to use Secret Santa as an excuse to not have the obligation of buying gifts for everyoneeeee you know.  Talk about money saver ;)  Add a theme to your party for extra Christmas fun, my theme of choice is holiday onsies!

4. Drive through decorated neighborhoods

This is on my list of things to do before I leave next week for sure!  You know those neighborhoods that just have their Christmas light game going on!?-those are the ones to visit. I know of a few neighborhoods that I really enjoy to visit during the month of December, so I hope you all can find a pretty one to visit as well.  If you're in the mood for walking, grab yourself a hot cut of something and take a stroll through the neighborhood.  Maybe you'll even find inspiration for the following year :)

5.  Volunteer

All in all, nothing screams Christmas to me than giving back.  I'm so thankful everyday for the heart I was blessed with because nothing warms me up more than doing something good.  Get in touch with a local organization and find out how you can give back this holiday.  The tiniest donation can go a long way, the point is to do something good!  

I hope this list sparks up an interest to do something fun for the remainder of this month, make it a memorable one!

xo..Brocade Closet

Skincare and Beauty Rituals

02 December 2014

I'm not a beauty professional at all but for some reason, I've always been really into makeup and learning how to apply different products. However, something I'm really really REAAALLLYYY bad at, is cleaning my face off.  I know!! It's so crucial for young skin, it's seriously never too early to start a skincare routine.  This past year I've collected several face products that I swore I would use and since this year isn't over yet, I'm going to start using them.  What better way to start the new year off than with fresh, bright skin right?  So for the next 30 days, I VOW to take care of my skin and come back with a fun before and after product review.  For now, here's what I'm using:

Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine by brocadecloset featuring Clinique

First thing's first, clean the face!  I enjoy easy makeup remover wipes and Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser.  I just started using the gentle skin cleanser and it leaves a very silky feel once I wash my face off-so far I'm loving this product!  My major trouble zones are my t-zone, cheek acne, and dark under eyes.  To solve my oily t-zone, I bought Clinique's 3 step system.  I used this system for a week before I "forgot" about it ;) but, during the process, I did notice my oily t-zone tone down A LOT.  I also bought Clinique's dark spot corrector for my acne spots.  A few of my friends have used this to correct their dark spots and have had great results, so I'm hoping for the same!  Benefit's eye cream is fun to use in the morning when I wake up because it feels like it soaks in all my puffiness and really does minimize my dark circles for a more 'awake' look.  Annnnnd the last item on my list is my trusted Boo Boo Zap.  I've used several acne spot removers and none have worked like this!  Apply it on at night for a noticeably smaller pimple the next day.

Make-Up Essentials

Make-Up Essentials by brocadecloset featuring black eye makeup

My makeup products are really basic, like it doesn't take too long to apply all of this on haha.  After my face is nice and clean, I dab Benefit's powder under my eyes, around my cheeks, chin and forehead.  I've used this powder for a few years now and love the way it's so soft.  After my powder is done, I contour the cheek bones with blush.  I usually go for rose gold blush tones, it's always been my favorite and just feel like any other colors are either too faint or too bold for me.  Then comes the eyewear!  I've tried every mascara in the market and haven't given up on this one.  Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara brings so much length, thickness and darkness to your lashes you would really think they're fake.  I've been asked if my lashes are real on many occasions and it's always my absolute pleasure to refer people over to the Benefit counter.  As for eyeliner, I've experienced with both pencil and liquid.  My favorite? Liquid!  It's easy to draw with and even easier to remove in case of a 'winged line gone wrong' situation.  Liquid isn't for everyone but I promise it's worth the try and practice :)  Annnnd finally, the lips.  I enjoy colored lips but it's also good to switch it up now and then.  No matter what, I carry around a brownish/nude color just for fun.

I can't wait to show you all my results, this process is going to be so much fun!

xo..Brocade Closet 

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