5 {Super Fun} things to do in December

11 December 2014

Enjoy December

Enjoy December by brocadecloset featuring white home decor

We're almost half way into December-what have you done so far!?  Well, the good news is that I got all my holiday shopping done already so as a reward for not procrastinating, I'm totally going to make it a point to enjoy all things Christmas themed.  I really only have a few days to enjoy this holiday in the states as I'm heading out of the country for a while, so I've made a list of fun (holiday themed) activities to do during this lovely month!

1. GET YOURSELF A CHRISTMAS TREE!-& decorate it, duh!

I grew up with a fake tree so I don't really remember what it's like to pick the perfect one out, but hey, I heard they're expensive so maybe a fake tree is the way to go?!  It also cuts down the immense guilt you'll have of knowingly purchasing a tree that once quite possibly housed a few birds.  *Grinch moment* Anyways, jump onto Pinterest and look up pretty decorated Christmas trees for inspiration.  Nothing gets you in the Christmas mood more than a Christmas tree ;)

2. Visit your local ice skating rink

I haven't been to an ice skating rink in years and am dying to go to one!  I personally like the rinks that sit in the middle of a city, but I'm also aware that not every state shares the same night time weather ha!  A rink that I plan on visiting sits in Downtown LA in Pershing Square.  If you're from Southern California, this is definitely a rink to visit!  It's surrounded by beautifully lit trees, awesome restaurants, etc, so beware of the romance!  I repeat-BEWAREEEE.  But, if you can handle a little romance, take your sweetheart out for lovely date.

3. Host a Secret Santa gift exchange party

Be the hostess with the mostess! This is a great opportunity to get your closest pals together for a chic party full of wine, desserts and small gifts.  Not to mention, also a great opportunity to use Secret Santa as an excuse to not have the obligation of buying gifts for everyoneeeee you know.  Talk about money saver ;)  Add a theme to your party for extra Christmas fun, my theme of choice is holiday onsies!

4. Drive through decorated neighborhoods

This is on my list of things to do before I leave next week for sure!  You know those neighborhoods that just have their Christmas light game going on!?-those are the ones to visit. I know of a few neighborhoods that I really enjoy to visit during the month of December, so I hope you all can find a pretty one to visit as well.  If you're in the mood for walking, grab yourself a hot cut of something and take a stroll through the neighborhood.  Maybe you'll even find inspiration for the following year :)

5.  Volunteer

All in all, nothing screams Christmas to me than giving back.  I'm so thankful everyday for the heart I was blessed with because nothing warms me up more than doing something good.  Get in touch with a local organization and find out how you can give back this holiday.  The tiniest donation can go a long way, the point is to do something good!  

I hope this list sparks up an interest to do something fun for the remainder of this month, make it a memorable one!

xo..Brocade Closet

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