A Real LipSense Review + Q&A

23 August 2017

Hey friends! I'm not one to go through FOMO at all, but when I started seeing a ton of my blogger friends try out LipSense, I totally wanted in.  I love testing out beauty products and really more than anything, love to put them up to the test to see if they do what they're marketed to do.  The reason why I was so interested in LipSense was because of how long it supposedly lasted.  Trust me, I had seen several photos and videos of women wearing this product and just rubbing their fingers all over their lips and not a single smear of lipstick followed.  When Whitney (click on her name to check out her Insta!) approached me about trying this product out, I was SUPER stoked.  I have to admit, I was super anxious to find out whether or not I would like it but more so excited to see if it actually worked.  I gave it a try and I'm so happy I did because now I want more colors!  I'd been coveting a certain shade of brown for the longest time, so when the opportunity came up to test out LipSense, I was more than happy to try out their Cocoa shade.  To my surprise, this was the exact color I'd been dreaming of!  The true test was to find out if it lasted 4-18 hours as advertised and IT DID.  The first day I wore Cocoa, I kept looking at myself in the mirror to see if I needed more and not once did I have to apply more color - even after dinner, cocktails and a few kisses.  

I was super excited to get back to Whitney and tell her all about how in love I was with the overall product, but more so excited to take this experience and tell YOU all about it.  With Whitney's help, since she's the LipSense and Senegence expert, we put together a Q&A to better get to know this product, Senegence and what this company offers women who may be interested in exploring business opportunities.  I feel like I can rave all about how into LipSense I already am, but this is much, much deeper than just a line of wonderful beauty products.  It's an opportunity for everyone and anyone to make a business out of, so let's kick this Q&A off!

First thing's first, what in the world is LipSense?

W: Lipsense is not your ordinary lipstick, color, or stain! Lipsense, a liquid lip color is a patented and one of a kind product that is TRULY smudge-proof, budge-proof, kiss proof, water proof, and will NOT stain your lips! Lipsense, is the most popular product of Senegence and will last between 4 to 18 hours! Lipsense does not dry your lips but rather moisturizes and protects your lips when used properly! 

How many color shades are available and where can we see/buy them?

W: There are currently 36 colors to choose from! However, the best part about LipSense is that you can mix and match any of these colors to create more shades BEYOND just the 36! So the choices are truly endless!  If you are ready to begin this new LipSense addiction and obsession as I already have, you can view all the colors on my Instagram account (@eaton_up_life) or my Facebook page 'Eaton Up Life'.  If you would like to try out this amazing product, you can direct message me via Facebook or Instagram or email me at

What are your top favorite 3 colors that everyone HAS to try out? 

W: My top 3 favorite colors are Blu Red, Precious Topaz, and Roseberry! These colors are wearable for all seasons and are fabulous for every hair color! They are definitely my top 3 sellers! All of our lip colors sell fast but these are in very high demand and should be in girl's clutch, purse, or bag! 
  • Roseberry is a matte rose pink with that beautiful hint of berry! 
  • Precious topaz is a shimmery neutral and is seriously so versatile!
  • Blu Red is the reddest of all reds! This color was created and is worn by Christina Aguilera! If you see her wearing lipstick, it's most likely Blu Red lipsense! Every girl MUST have a red! 

With so many other similar lip products out there, what is unique about LipSense?

W: Lipsense is definitely unique because it is not a stain, but rather a patented liquid lip color that bonds your lips and provides a mechanical shield from the sun! LipSense is also vegan, kosher, soy free, non-GMO, lead free, made in the USA, and FDA approved (which is a BIG deal in the makeup world).  The owner, Joni Rogers Kante, wanted to make sure she was on the cutting edge of providing top of the line products that are safe for your body and lip color that lasts! 

LipSense also has a special application unlike other lip products! LipSense comes in a kit which includes the lip color, Ooops remover (which will correct any mistakes and may be used to remove when ready), and gloss! Let's think shellac nails for moment.  You must have the base, color, and top coat right?! LipSense works the EXACT same way! LipSense must be applied on clean, dry lips, in 3 thin layers, and topped with our glossy gloss.  If other non LipSense products such as other glosses, chapsticks, lip liners, etc. are used in conjuction with LipSense, it simply won't work! Remember, gloss is boss and application is key!  Not a fan of the glossy look? No worries! The gloss will soak into your sweet lips and will turn matte within 30 minutes! LipSense unique, but simple to use!

And of course, LipSense is truly smudge proof, budge proof, water proof, kiss proof and simply won't rub off! 

Does Senegence offer other beauty products? What is your favorite?

WSenegence offers so many other products besides just LipSense! LipSense is popular but I am in LOVE with their skin care and other makeup products. Senegence offers 4 different lines of skin care according to your skin's needs! Senegence also provides a Sene-Derm line which is an anti-aging regimen.  When Joni Rogers Kante, the founder and CEO, started Senegence, she wanted products that really worked and makeup that has both anti-aging effects and long lasting wear.

What is the best part of being a Senegence distributor? For example, do you enjoy making connections with other distributors, does showing off Senegence products excite you, what does it do for you as a woman to essentially run your own business?

W: The best part of being a distributor is for sure the sisterhood! It's real, genuine, and these gals are truly there to come along side you! My passion is to empower women to believe in themselves, dream big, do big, and truly know that the sky is literally the limit with this company! Before Joni Rogers Kante created this company, she designed a lucrative compensation plan because she was once a single mother, who just like many, had dreams and visions to live a life in abundance and earn a fantastic living.  She created not only products that really work, but a compensation plan that is simply like no other! 

I get SO excited to share my story, my WHY, and showing off these products while doing it! I have met so many beautiful women and I live to help women be the best version of themselves! 

I love the capability of being a #bossbabe and running my own schedule! At my previous 9-5 job, I was locked in on an income, there were so many rules and regulations, and I just simply wasn't happy! I love being able to have time freedom, money freedom, and prepare my home for children one day! Being your boss is not always glitz and glamour but the opportunities are so endless! 

If I wanted to become my own Senegence #BossBabe, where can I find information?

W: If you are wanting to become a distributor or simply purchase any of our Senegence products at whole sale pricing, simply go to and check it out  All you need to do is pay $55 for the year (aka a Costco membership) and voila! Top of the line makeup at a discount (20-50%) off! Just insert my ID #229806! It's a quick process to get these products at your finger tips!

Phewwww, so much valuable information I told you I couldn't answer haha!  I'm seriously so happy to have been approached by Whitney to collaborate with her and try out LipSense.  If you all are interested at all, please contact her through her handles mentioned in the interview, or you can message me here or on Instagram and I'll put you in contact with Whitney!  I know I can totally advocate for this product over and over again, but you really won't understand how well it works unless you try it for yourselves.  If you're not happy with the product, don't worry about, you're not glued to it!  You can always make a return and receive a full refund.  Also, because she's so sweet, Whitney is providing my followers a 10% off discount to try LipSense out - thanks, girl! Anyway, if any of you try out a fun color, don't forget to share which shade you tried in the comments below!  Talk to you all soon.

Melissa Victoria

Striped Jumpsuit for All Seasons

14 August 2017

Shop My Look

Jumpsuit: White Wolfe Boutique (shop here) // Shoes: Old (shop similar here + here) // Clutch: Cracker Barrel - this was such a huge find! (shop similar here + splurge here) // Watch: Daniel Wellington (shop here)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but is it really time to start thinking about our fall wardrobes?  Maybe I don't really feel it because I live in Southern, CA where the sun shines 11 out of 12 months, but when temps drop below 70, you know I'm regretting not being cold season ready!  Being that I live in a sunny environment, I am still a person who freezes in lower than 75 degree weather.  It's always so difficult for me to put my warm season clothing away because I just always want to live in them year-round!  With that being said, I'm totally a jumpsuit type of gal for several reasons.  The most important is because you can manage to wear them all year long.  For example, in the spring and summer, you can wear them with sandals and heels.  In the fall and winter, you can wear them with a leather jacket and booties.  This jumpsuit from White Wolfe Boutique is totally one I can see myself wearing in multiple occasions and best of all, it's under $50!  The waist cut-outs are the cutest detail and seriously can't even imagine being uncomfortable  or cold wearing it during winter with a jacket over.  Also, can we stop and appreciate the fact that jumpsuits take away the time thinking about what to pair our tops and bottoms with?  I swear they're so efficient.  Anyway, if you do start to think about your fall wardrobe, don't forget to leave your jumpsuits out!  You can totally still wear them and if you like this one, click on the link above to shop it and the rest of White Wolfe's collection of jumpsuits.  This one actually runs small but don't worry, the measurements are listed for you.  Chat with you guys later!

Melissa Victoria

Vegan Potato Kale Tacos

13 August 2017

Hola, amigos (as)! If there's one thing I know about food, it's to eat very well so you can feel well.  I work at Taco Bell headquarters and as you can imagine, I'm always surrounded by food that's not always the best.  Of course I give in to treats, but for the most part, I would definitely say I'm pretty conscious about what I like to put in my body.  In the spirit of wellness, I've decided to eat some kind of vegan meal once a week, starting on a twist to my beloved tacos.  I picked up this recipe from the incredible Dora from Dora's Table who has introduced me to vegan Mexican food and I'm just simply obsessed.  Anyway, let's go over what you'll need and how to make!

What You'll Need

Cubed potatoes 
Corn tortillas
Garlic salt
Olive Oil
**the above measurements will depend on how much you're making.

Cilantro Sauce Ingredients
3/4 cup washed and chopped cilantro
1/4 cup diced onion
1/2 cup raw cashews soaked in water for 3 hours
1/2 serrano chile
1 squeezed lime
1/3 cup water
1/2 tbsp salt

How To

1. In a pan, pour a friendly amount of olive oil and turn up your heat to medium-high.
2. Pour your chopped up potatoes and stir around making sure your potatoes don't stick to the pan.
3. Let the potatoes cook until they're soft and turned golden, then pour in your washed and chopped kale.
4. Let the kale simmer in for a few seconds and then stir and blend the ingredients until the kale is cooked.
5. While cooking, season your ingredients with garlic salt, or whatever seasoning you'd like and stir again.
6. When finished, place the taco mix into a bowl.
7. Heat up your tortilla's and serve a decent amount of the potato/kale mix over the tortilla.

How To Make the Cilantro Sauce

1. In a bowl, place your raw cashews in water and let them sit for three hours.  I know this sounds like a long time, but they need to get soft -- trust me, it's worth the wait. 
2. After your cashews have sat in water, toss them into a blender with the rest of the ingredients mentioned above.
3. Simply blend the mix and pour the sauce into a container.


Melissa Victoria

Not Soap Radio Fragrance Review

06 August 2017

Shop every fragrance here // Shop Not Soap Radio products here

Hey hey!  With a busy lifestyle, running around has just become part of my world.  One day I'm at work, the next hour I'm meeting up with friends, the next I'm heading to a blog shoot, then before I know it, I'm jumping on the freeway to see my boy.  In a not so gross way, and I'm keeping this 100% real lol, taking body showers on a regular basis and leaving my hair unwashed for like three days is where I'm currently at right now. I go through dry shampoo a lot more often these days and I mean you know what they say, better busy than bored!  Anyway, I recently became acquainted with a fabulous sister duo that created Not Soap Radio -- a seriously holistic brand that offers some of the coolest beauty products with not to mention THE wittiest packaging.  I was super fortunate enough to try out their fun fragrances and I was pleasantly surprised to know these are basically an everyday on everything kind of spray.  By that I mean I can spray this fragrance on linen, my hair, body, in my car, the clothes in my closet, etc.  The very first thing I sprayed this on was my pillow and now I literally cannot go a morning without spraying it around - the evening scent is just SO lovely.  

I tried out a lemon + sugar scent (this one) and also a beach + blue sky water scent (this one) and can't even decide which one I like best because they both have a nice scent.  Aside from just smelling good and the funny phrases on each product, Not Soap Radio is just doing it right for us.  All of their products are botanically-based, paraben free, SLS, phthalate AND cruelty free and their packaging is, yup you guessed it, totally recyclable.  Aside from just being awesome at making do-good products, NSR also has a partnership with Red Rover, an organization that's focused on rescuing animals out of crisis and into care.  Every contribution donated to this cause is matched by Not Soap Radio and donors are rewarded with a free deluxe sample.  Does that not tug your heart strings, you guys??  Seriously though, Not Soap Radio, you all have my heart and a fan for life right over here!  To become a fan like me, lol, go ahead and check out all their products by clicking on the links above.  I'll talk to you guys again soon!

Melissa Victoria

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