The Perfect Summer Dress

31 May 2016

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Dress: Banana Republic (Shop same print skirt here + similar here + here) // Shoes: Nine West (Shop here + similar here)

Is it seriously summer time already!? I'm never one to complain about warm weather and with this Banana Republic dress, I can guarantee there won't be a single peep out of my mouth regarding high temps.  This dress is simply to die for for three reasons: It's lightweight, the print is killer and it has POCKETS!  I'm very particular about the dresses I wear during summer because I simply hate feeling like I'm wearing a heavy bag over me - especially when it's super hot out.  Another attribute that makes a dress perfect is its print.  I do enjoy just a basic one-toned dress, but it's something about a pretty print that makes me melt.  This dress has a perfect combination of powder blue and red that ultimately requires very little accessorizing.  You can see here, I did ZERO accessories for that reason haha.  The dress just does all the talking!  Finally, and this is my favorite part, it has pockets.  If I was ever a designer, I would make pockets a requirement for every piece because they're just SO necessary!  For this dress, I really loved that it came with pockets because if I ever just wanted to walk out without a bag or clutch, I could literally stuff my phone and card holder in my pockets.  Overall, two thumbs up, I love it and can't WAIT to wear it again soon!  I know for sure I'll wear it out for a casual lunch with basic wedges or maybe a dressed up dinner with nude shoes like the ones pictured here.  Anyway, I'll talk to you all super soon!

Xo..Brocade Closet 

*Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

7 Love Lessons

23 May 2016

Ohhh the world of break ups.  Let’s be real for a second, we’ve all done really dumb things for love haha. Thinking back to my very first break up (this is embarrassing) I thought it was the end of my world…because duh I was a lost 15 year old lol.  If I would have known all I know now about dating, I would have been a walking unbothered teen.  In this post, I’m going to share with you the 7 lessons I learned about boyfriends and break ups.  Think of this as a mini girl talk session ;)

1. He’s Not The Only Guy You’ll Date

I once dated a guy who was outrageously jealous and made me feel like I couldn’t move on because there was no one else like him - uhhh okay dude there are MILLIONS of other guys out there.  This guy for real told me I would never find anyone else better than him if I left him and that was the very second I found my entire worth *insert diva hair flip here* Seriously, don’t ever let someone convince you you’re lower than them.  When guys speak these words, they speak them out of spite and because they KNOW you CAN get someone way better #BoyBye.

2. Rebounds Aren’t Always Boyfriend-Able

Haha this one makes me laugh because it was entirely my mistake.  Girls I know you get sad when you don’t have a boyfriend anymore, but sometimes, the first emotional boy you find to lean on isn’t the best option either.  Chances are you’ll both end up crying to each other about chocolate and love songs.  Think smart about your rebound and be careful!

3. #1 Fan or #1 Hater?

This is simple.  If your boyfriend spends 95% of the time hating on you rather than applauding you, leave him.  No guy should be jealous of his girlfriend, that’s just super weird.  I dated a guy who would talk everything I did and had down and trust me, it got really annoying.  If he’s not on your team, you better believe he’s not being loyal to you when you’re not there.

4. The Bad Boy Saga

One time in my youth, I was super INFATUATED with a guy that I knew would never become anything.  To start, he had tattoos and earrings and my parents would never approve.  I know all the thrill of going on dates with these types of guys, but think about this one a little more ladies.  I’m not at all saying bad boys aren’t dateable, they just require a little maturing and maybe it’s better to catch them when they’re 30 haha. 

5. Players Will Always Play

BEWARE.  One of these had me at hello and it was crazy to have been casted under this spell.  This guy had me chasing him all over until I had to stop and ask myself if what I was doing was even normal lol.  I eventually found out I was just one little girl out of like 4 that were all under the same spell and yeah I was a little sore, but it was better to get away for good haha.  Players only love you when they’re playing, remember that ladies!

6. Even Your Teammate Can Hurt You

This is probably the saddest but BEST lesson I ever learned.  It’s okay to trust someone with your entire heart, but the second any backstabbing happens, it’s hard to bounce back.  The best advice I can give during a situation like this is to trust your brain and your heart will soon follow.  Don’t make excuses either when trying to figure it all out!  Excuses are words you’re trying to get yourself to believe in and trust me when I say you will spend a long time trying to convince yourself otherwise.  Put him to the test. If he doesn't learn his lesson, you were better off without him anyway. 

7. Take A Chance

Contrary to the above advice, my favorite is to take a chance on someone you think is the best fit.  What is the best fit? Well only you know! As soon as you find someone who has every single characteristic you've been looking for, wrap them up.  Those don't come around too often, believe me!  I wrapped King Martin up really tight when I got to know him a little more.  Three years of talking to each other every single day later...I'm still holding onto that hook real tight haha.

Floral Romper + Taupe Booties

11 May 2016

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Romper: Cotton On (shop similar here + here + here) // Booties: Forever 21 (shop similar here + here) // Necklace: Windsor (shop similar here + here)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm a huge lover of flowers.  When I found this romper a few weeks ago, I didn't even try it on because I instantly knew I needed it in my closet for its floral print. I kind of juggled a bit with wanting to post this romper earlier because I've actually worn it out (and photographed myself in it) three times already haha. I just can't help it!! This romper is super lightweight and I don't mind its long sleeve detail at all for the warm seasons.  My favorite part about this romper is the fact that I've worn it casually with laced up sandals and then switched them out for dressed up booties like the ones shown here.  Anyway, I've linked a few of my favorite floral rompers up top for you guys to shop as well as similar booties I'm really loving.  I'll chat with you guys again super soon, have a great rest of your week!

xo..Brocade Closet 

10 Graduation Gifts For Your 2016 Grad

10 May 2016

Grad Gifts

First thing's first, CONGRATS GRADS YOU DID IT! Graduating from an educational institute is such a huge accomplishment and you all should be proud of yourselves for this achievement! I graduated from college three years ago and the pride I felt that day was indescribable, so I'm truly super excited for you guys.  Gifting a grad can be kind of hard because let's be real, how can you top a diploma or degree!?  A graduation gift isn't your normal birthday or Christmas gift, it's about sending your grad off into the world with the right tools. Thinking back to what I needed three years ago, I put together a mini gift guide to help narrow down the options.  Trust me, your grad WILL need basic pumps for their new desk job, a laptop bag to carry things OTHER than a laptop in, a watch to check how much longer their shift is and a desk frame with an inspirational quote to keep them motivated.  You guys can shop my gift guide by simply clicking on their pictures and if any of my readers are current grads, don't forget to share your ideas in the comments below :) Chat with you all later!

xo..Brocade Closet 

Prepared Juice Packs

03 May 2016

Real life problem: To make my morning blend or to sleep in another 20 minutes?  I ALWAYS choose to sleep in an extra 20 minutes haha.  I have never in my life been a person that’s so willing to wake up early and get my day going - seriously, I’m a total hibernating bear in the morning.  Sleeping in a little longer might feel nice for a bit but when those morning tummy growls kick in, I instantly regret.  When I get hungry, I literally starve and so badly wish I would have taken time to prepare a breakfast shake or juice…and this happens every day and I still never learn my lesson lol.  I had an “ahhhh haaaa!” moment not too long ago where I thought the obvious – why don’t I just pre-pack my morning juices in zip block bags?  It’s in my nature to never prepare for anything, but THIS has literally changed my morning life.  I started doing this a few weeks ago and thought I’d share for all my readers and friends who love a few extra minutes of sleep as well as a hearty, on-the-go breakfast blend.  In this blend, I put together green juice packs full of kale, mango chunks, green apples and cucumber.  After I’ve put them together, I store them in my freezer and bam…all done!  In the morning, all I do is grab a bag, put it in the blender with water, add a teaspoon of Turmeric powder and I’m good to go.  It takes no more than five minutes to blend and be on my way out to work.  I hope this helps you guys out like it has for me!  If you have any juice blend recommendations, please let me know – I am a serious juice freak.  Have a great rest of your day!

Xo..Brocade Closet

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