7 Love Lessons

23 May 2016

Ohhh the world of break ups.  Let’s be real for a second, we’ve all done really dumb things for love haha. Thinking back to my very first break up (this is embarrassing) I thought it was the end of my world…because duh I was a lost 15 year old lol.  If I would have known all I know now about dating, I would have been a walking unbothered teen.  In this post, I’m going to share with you the 7 lessons I learned about boyfriends and break ups.  Think of this as a mini girl talk session ;)

1. He’s Not The Only Guy You’ll Date

I once dated a guy who was outrageously jealous and made me feel like I couldn’t move on because there was no one else like him - uhhh okay dude there are MILLIONS of other guys out there.  This guy for real told me I would never find anyone else better than him if I left him and that was the very second I found my entire worth *insert diva hair flip here* Seriously, don’t ever let someone convince you you’re lower than them.  When guys speak these words, they speak them out of spite and because they KNOW you CAN get someone way better #BoyBye.

2. Rebounds Aren’t Always Boyfriend-Able

Haha this one makes me laugh because it was entirely my mistake.  Girls I know you get sad when you don’t have a boyfriend anymore, but sometimes, the first emotional boy you find to lean on isn’t the best option either.  Chances are you’ll both end up crying to each other about chocolate and love songs.  Think smart about your rebound and be careful!

3. #1 Fan or #1 Hater?

This is simple.  If your boyfriend spends 95% of the time hating on you rather than applauding you, leave him.  No guy should be jealous of his girlfriend, that’s just super weird.  I dated a guy who would talk everything I did and had down and trust me, it got really annoying.  If he’s not on your team, you better believe he’s not being loyal to you when you’re not there.

4. The Bad Boy Saga

One time in my youth, I was super INFATUATED with a guy that I knew would never become anything.  To start, he had tattoos and earrings and my parents would never approve.  I know all the thrill of going on dates with these types of guys, but think about this one a little more ladies.  I’m not at all saying bad boys aren’t dateable, they just require a little maturing and maybe it’s better to catch them when they’re 30 haha. 

5. Players Will Always Play

BEWARE.  One of these had me at hello and it was crazy to have been casted under this spell.  This guy had me chasing him all over until I had to stop and ask myself if what I was doing was even normal lol.  I eventually found out I was just one little girl out of like 4 that were all under the same spell and yeah I was a little sore, but it was better to get away for good haha.  Players only love you when they’re playing, remember that ladies!

6. Even Your Teammate Can Hurt You

This is probably the saddest but BEST lesson I ever learned.  It’s okay to trust someone with your entire heart, but the second any backstabbing happens, it’s hard to bounce back.  The best advice I can give during a situation like this is to trust your brain and your heart will soon follow.  Don’t make excuses either when trying to figure it all out!  Excuses are words you’re trying to get yourself to believe in and trust me when I say you will spend a long time trying to convince yourself otherwise.  Put him to the test. If he doesn't learn his lesson, you were better off without him anyway. 

7. Take A Chance

Contrary to the above advice, my favorite is to take a chance on someone you think is the best fit.  What is the best fit? Well only you know! As soon as you find someone who has every single characteristic you've been looking for, wrap them up.  Those don't come around too often, believe me!  I wrapped King Martin up really tight when I got to know him a little more.  Three years of talking to each other every single day later...I'm still holding onto that hook real tight haha.

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