Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume

22 October 2018

It's honestly no joke Holly Golightly is a movie icon and one of my favorite fictional characters EVER.  A few years ago, I created Holly's iconic sleeping mask in a DIY post and figured I'd put a whole costume together for my Halloween series!  I've seriously had this mask hanging by my bed this entire time and never thought about putting together a costume until this year - better late than never!  

Easy Bourbon Apple Cider Recipe

18 October 2018

 Did someone say bourbon?  One second let me take a sip.  With the weather cooling down and scary movies dominating my TV, I'm constantly in the mood to cozy up to a fall drink.  So, when Heritage Distilling Co. sent me two bottles of their Brown Sugar Bourbon, I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to make - Bourbon Apple Cider.  Can I get a HELL YES!?  This recipe is extremely easy to make and tastes so yummy.  I've had a ton of bourbon in my life, but this bottle is one of my top favorites for how sweet and versatile it is.  It's honestly no joke that BSB is an award winning bottle so please do yourselves a favor and try it.  Do you have to only use BSB to make this recipe?  No, but I do highly recommend it due to how rich the flavor is.  Trust, even my sister who only likes wine loved this stuff.  Alright, let's get into how to make this three step fall favorite drink.

Pretty Woman Costume

08 October 2018

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!  I can't even believe I'm writing this because it doesn't even seem real that we're THIS into the year.  Super excited though because I have a lot to look forward to from now until the end of the year and into the next year.  Anyway, I received a ton of requests and questions on whether I was going to come back with another Halloween costume tutorial series and here I am, bringing it back for a second year woohoo!  So let's get into my first costume of this series, Ms. Vivian Ward of Pretty Woman.  Here's what you need and how to make this COMPLETELY with just scissors and a glue gun - you're welcome non-sewers!

Our Family Trip to Big Bear

07 October 2018

Hey hey! Last month, Martin and I took our boy, Nacho, on his first family trip to Big Bear, CA. This place is so special to Martin and I because it was the place where we got engaged just last November. For his birthday this year, he said he wanted to take a mini trip out there but had one request - we had to take the dog. Obviously that's not a problem to me at all because Martin and I love Nacho more than we love each other (lol), the only issue was actually having to browse dog-friendly places in Big Bear! A quick search was all we needed to pull this off but actually being there helped a lot, so, I figured I'd put together a list of where we stayed, where we walked and where we dined in Big Bear as a family of three. K let's do this!

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