Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume

22 October 2018

It's honestly no joke Holly Golightly is a movie icon and one of my favorite fictional characters EVER.  A few years ago, I created Holly's iconic sleeping mask in a DIY post and figured I'd put a whole costume together for my Halloween series!  I've seriously had this mask hanging by my bed this entire time and never thought about putting together a costume until this year - better late than never!  

So, because I already have a DIY post on how to make this mask, this post will be really short.  To learn how to make this mask, head over to THIS post.  It's super easy and only requires a glue gun!  Once it's finished, toss on a white button up (I got this at the thrift store or you can borrow your boyfriends shirt), purple earrings and some nude shoes if you're going out.  Voila, you're Holly Golightly ready now go sip on a martini and be the most fabulous person at a Halloween party!

Melissa Victoria

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