Holiday Pillow Tutorial

03 December 2018

I know, I know. How dare I disappear all November!  I'll have to do a catch up post on my whereabouts because November was by far the busiest month of 2018 for me.  From my bachelorette party, to mine and Martin's new home, to fixing up the house, to continuing the wedding process to Thanksgiving...I mean there was just no time for anything else!  Things have chilled out a bit and I woke up this morning with the intention of taking time today to do something that didn't feel like a chore.  Obviously that would involve my sewing machine or some kind of craft, so a trip to Jo-Ann's and twenty minutes later, and voila I created a new holiday pillow.  You guys know I love to post my DIY's on here so let's talk about how I made this so you guys can make one too!

You'll Need

  1. A throw pillow of any size.  Mine is 20 x 20.
  2. Pillow cover of the same size as the pillow you're using for this project. I made my own pillow cover, but you can buy this red cover here for $5. 
  3. Decorative ribbon, rope or trim.  I used this sequin trim from Joann and found it really easy to use and move around. 
  4. Glue gun and scissors

How To

  1. Insert your pillow into the pillow cover.  I recommend working directly on the pillow cover while the pillow is inserted to make sure your letters are glued on to the center.
  2. For this pillow, I spelled out 'Joy!' and just made sure to start over the section of the pillow case where I knew the entire word would be centered. 
  3. Starting with your first letter, apply hot glue to the back of the trim (or whatever you're using to create your letters) and then press the trim down on to the cover.  You might have to move your trim around to form those letters, but that's okay!  Just keep gluing and the letters will follow your movement. 
  4. Continue creating your letters by using the glue to trim then trim to cover method.  I wouldn't recommend applying glue on the entire strip of trim and then forming the letters because hot glue definitely dries up fast!  Work little by little to create those letters and then you're done!
What's fun about creating these holiday pillow covers is the fact that you can customize them to whatever you want them to look like.  If you can sew, you know how fun it'll be to make pillow covers out of flannel, gingham or other festive fabrics.  Once the holidays are over, you can simply take them off the pillow form and then switch it out for something new later.  Anyway, have so much fun making a festive pillow cover!  I'll chat with you guys soon. 

Melissa Victoria


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