Cheers To The New Year!

01 January 2019

Hello 2019 and hello babes (and some guys that might read this!) It's the new year and with that comes A TON of opportunities to evolve.  Last year was a lot busier than I expected it to be, a year full of ups and downs, but nonetheless all lessons and blessings.  With so much to look forward to in 2019, I wanted to reflect and share what I'm most looking forward to and chat about a few goals I'd love to accomplish.  What'll be interesting is to come back on December 31st to read how well I did - who is going to sign up to keep me accountable!  Alright, let's get down with the get down. 

My Bridal Shower, Our New Spot and The Wedding 

This year, I become someones WIFE.  So crazy but so exciting! Our big day is next month and it feels like I blinked once in 2018 and now we're just days away.  My bachelorette party was in November so all that's left to celebrate is (me again lol) at my bridal shower next weekend.  I LOVE bridal showers and can't believe this one is MINE.  That's kind of how I felt at my bachelorette party actually, like if it wasn't for me but after all the free alcohol that was given to me I had no other choice but to believe it was all for me!  Anyway, my shower is taking place at one of my favorite spots in Orange County and I can hardly wait to brunch so hard.  

After the shower, Martin leaves for his bachelor party and I'll stay behind to get our NEW HOME situated.  Martin bought us a home in November and we basically spent that entire month demolishing it.  It has been quite the labor of love and doing this in conjunction with the rest of our wedding planning has felt like a lot, but so rewarding.  As of now, we have new floors, new paint, new bathrooms and almost a new kitchen!  It should be completely finished by this weekend and after that, we'll be good to start furnishing.  I already have an idea of the look I'm going for, so this part is going to be so freakin' fun!

As we get our home put together, we'll patiently be waiting for February 9th - our wedding day.  Somehow, it still feels like we have so much time and I do not feel like I'm getting married next month.  I'm so excited to just get there, you know?  Like I just want to see my dress in its final stage and see how the entire day comes together.  This part sucks if I have to be honest.  It's like waiting for a gift haha.  After a whole stressful and blissful year of planning, it's almost over so I'm really trying to soak it all in.  I'll literally never do this again so now is the time to continue enjoying the process!  

My Career

In 2018, I said goodbye to tacos and hello to beauty.  I can truthfully say I'm living out my dream job and something I'm pretty passionate about in my current career.  I love the way my career has evolved  through time and how I've found so much to do!  My field of study is pretty broad and the digital world is always changing with new trends.  What I do now is fun because it challenges me to bring a creative voice to my brand and explore new ways to put us out there on a digital front.  This year, I want to focus on having a break through moment for my brand and career.  I want to lead a new initiative and work on something that'll challenge me to learn and truly think outside the box.  The company I work for is fortunately in the exciting phase of its life where it's sustained and now needs to grow upwards.  I'm 100% there for that and so excited for the opportunity be part of that growth.

Xo, Melissa Victoria Blog

Last year was very busy and I hardly had the opportunity to jump on here the way I truly wanted.  This year, I want to take to this platform a lot more and really share content that I'm crazy passionate about.  When I started blogging, I only wanted to write about fashion lol.  Bless the girls who can do that, but there's so much to me than just clothes.  I'm wellness obsessed and love to craft and chat about the best happy hours in town.  With so much change going on this year, I know I'll have so much to talk about and promise to stop by here as often as possible!  Come on, you know you'll want to read about how this crazy Gemini is adjusting to the wife life and my favorite recipe's to make in under 10 minutes, wink wink.  Honestly I'm so excited to grow this community and blog.  It's a project I've worked at little by little thus far, but I feel something different about this year so stay tuned!

Read, read and read again!

Also something I shared on my Instagram this week was my goal to read more.  I don't know how many books I can challenge myself to read or what genre to start with, but I want to put the phone down more and pick up a book to read.  If I had to guess, the last book I read all the way through was Diary of Wimpy Kid - lol.  To be fair, it was pretty silly but I want to feel invested in a story again!  My friends recommended book clubs and books so after I finish this post, guess where I'm going.  Yup! To buy a book. I'll probably share my favorite reads on here, so that'll be a whole new audience to tap into and that makes me pretty happy.

Geez, I really have so much to look forward to!  It's like continuing the cycle but making it better.  Obviously in between all the work, I want to keep having fun.  I can't imagine a life where you just stay put and don't reward yourself, so finding reasons to escape for the weekend will forever be on my list of things to do.  Anyway, thank you for giving me a reason to continue writing!  This blog is growing and you all are the best for coming back to read time after time.  Hugs and kisses to you all, let's make 2019 our year!

Melissa Victoria

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