Three Must-Have Summer Items

05 July 2018

Hey guys!  Boy, is it summer or is it summer?  We're experiencing a rad heat wave this week and I'm definitely feelin' it.  I tried to curl my hair this morning and it all just fell flat, so basically, I'll be rocking beach hair all summer!  Aside from just heat this new season brings, I look forward to longer nights, a change in wardrobe and the yearn to participate in fun activities.  For example, every summer I feel like I say I want to get out to the beach more and then kind of fail, so this summer will be the one for change!  Along with cool activities I want to take part in, I've come to cultivate a list of three must-haves that coincidentally directly tie into my favorite summer plans haha.  In honor of that, in this post I'm sharing my three must-have items that you might want/need as well!  Okay, let's count them down.

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