Three Must-Have Summer Items

05 July 2018

Hey guys!  Boy, is it summer or is it summer?  We're experiencing a rad heat wave this week and I'm definitely feelin' it.  I tried to curl my hair this morning and it all just fell flat, so basically, I'll be rocking beach hair all summer!  Aside from just heat this new season brings, I look forward to longer nights, a change in wardrobe and the yearn to participate in fun activities.  For example, every summer I feel like I say I want to get out to the beach more and then kind of fail, so this summer will be the one for change!  Along with cool activities I want to take part in, I've come to cultivate a list of three must-haves that coincidentally directly tie into my favorite summer plans haha.  In honor of that, in this post I'm sharing my three must-have items that you might want/need as well!  Okay, let's count them down.

1. Sunglasses

I worked at the Sunglass Hut for almost five years and basically cultivated a gnarly collection.  It wasn't until working there that I realized how important wearing glasses was, so obviously I needed every pair - ha!  Anyway, this isn't just a summer must-have for me, it definitely is a year-round thing.  During summer, it's always so much fun to pick up some cheaper pairs I don't mind losing at the beach or while flipping on a roller coaster.  I don't care how much glasses cost, so as long as I have a pair on me, I'm fine!  I currently still love mirrored colored lenses (I know that was a huge trend a little while ago) and also round glasses because they just scream summer.  Like I said, it really doesn't  matter which kind I wear, I just need to always have a pair of glasses!

2. A Light Jacket

Okay, I know this contradicts being out in the open with tank tops haha, but I'm the annoying girl who gets cold in 70 degree weather.  If I go out at night, I need to take some sort of jacket with me to avoid being a party pooper and be the one to go home early.  I tend to lay on the lighter side of a jacket and usually bring along either a silky jacket (like the one in this post) or a super light denim jacket.  An evening activity I'll definitely be attending this year is the county fair, so count on seeing me around with something to cover up with haha.

3. A Summer Dress

This is an absolute must-have.  I LOVE summer dresses and need/want them in every color.  It's during this season that I do not care for pants or anything else related at all, so I would absolutely count on finding me in a dress.  Not to mention, it's just generally really warm and the last thing you want to do is feel restricted in jeans.  Also something else I love about a dress is how easy it is to style.  You don't have to worry about a matching top and bottom, just what shoes you're going to wear and that's it.  You can dress down in sandals or dress up with wedges - totally your choice.  Dresses are without a doubt a huge staple to my summer life and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way haha.

Anyway, those three are my summer must-have items.  It's funny because when I shot these photos, I didn't even have the intention of posting this subject just yet.  When I wanted to, I looked for recent photos I snapped and laughed at how all three staples were already in one photo haha.  All opinions expressed are true here, friends!  Anyway, I'll let you guys get to the weekend already.  Have a happy Friday, all!

Melissa Victoria

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