Radish Toast Recipe

20 June 2018

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Hey there!  I'm back with an easy, summer recipe that I highly recommend.  We've seen eggs on toast, avocado on toast, bacon and tomato on toast and just about everything else, but is it just me or have I been hiding under a rock somewhere that I haven't tried radish on toast yet??  If you're on my same boat listen up!  I saw this recipe in a book a long time ago and never gave it a try until this week.  Let's get real, I never really cared about radishes so I'm actually shocked I enjoyed this haha.  The recipe to make this doesn't require a ton, just:

1. Bread of your choice
2. Handful of radishes (I probably cut about 10)

To make this, you'll need to:

1. Cut your radishes in half and toss them into a food processor or blender.
2. Spread butter on to your bread and then toast the bread to melt the butter.
3. With a spoon, put an even amount of your radishes over the toast and spread.
4. Eat!

I mean, a healthy snack you can prepare in about five minutes?  Sign me up.  Also, just want to quickly give love to Caskata Arsenal Home because without their fabulous collection of dish ware, my food photos would not look anywhere as appealing haha.  I received this set of four salad/dessert plates and couldn't stop admiring the work that goes into making these.  They're truly so delicate and I love how vintage this specific set looks.  Going into a marriage, you think of all the things you'll need to start off so it's really exciting to feel like you have your first set of small plates.  Anyway, definitely check out Caskata's dish ware collection via the link provided in this paragraph and if you want to shop these specific plates, click on the link just below the above photo.  Let me know how you like this radish toast and if you guys get crazy with adding toppings to this, fill a girl in!  Would love to expand this recipe.  Chat with you guys later.

Melissa Victoria

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