Floral Wreath Tutorial

19 June 2018

Hey guys!  I have another fun tutorial for you all.  Floral wreath's have been my muse as of late and absolutely love them as home decor or I know lately I've seen them at tons of events.  With wedding planning coming along, I've definitely been in the trenches of finding inspiration for cool decorations and when I came about a Pinterest photo of a bunch of wreath's all lined up together, I just fell in love for a hot second.  Not sure if I'll actually use any, but it was still fun to put a wreath together to share with any other brides out there who would like to make their own.  The cool thing about these wreath's are they don't only have to be used for weddings or event purposes, they can totally be rocked as home decor.  In these photos, I hung the wreath right over my niece's crib and thought it looked too cute.  Anyway, let's go over what you need and how to make something like this!

You'll Need

1 Metal Hoop - I got this one from Michael's here.
Green Wire - Also purchased at Michael's here.
Flowers & Greenery - This is totally up to you and your design.

How To

1. Begin your design process by figuring out where you want to place your flowers and greenery.  As shown in the video, I just laid all greenery over each other in layers and then sprinkled in the flowers.

2. Once you know what you want your design to look like, take your green wire and cut three 2 inch long pieces.  

3. With these three pieces, start at the top of your design and connect the stems of your flowers to the stems of whatever greenery you're using.  Move on to the middle and then the bottom piece of your design and do the same.  This step is just to keep your floral design in place for when you connect it to the metal hoop.  While you do this, you'll also notice some parts look too chunky because of the stacked flower stems.  Go ahead and trim these down to make this step easier and the overall look cleaner. 

4.  Once you've secured these three wires around your stems, take about 5 more pieces of wire and connect the entire piece to the metal hoop.  During this part, you'll kind of start to see where either greenery or a few more flowers fall short, so don't be afraid to add more!  If you add, you'll just need to simply attach your stems with wire, but you should be a pro at this already!

Well there you have it!  Honestly, this project just takes patience but is so worth it.  Designing a floral wreath can be as easy as using three flowers or take a little more time if putting together a fully wrapped wreath.  Either way, you're left with a stunning piece and unique at that since YOU designed it yourself.  Anyway, let me know if you guys have any questions!  Until then, I'll chat with you all soon.

Melissa Victoria

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