Embroidered Valentine's Day Shirts

13 February 2023


It's our first DIY of 2023! So excited to bring this content back and in such a fun way. My goal for this year is to post at least one DIY every month and honestly was jazzed about this one in particular. I love Valentine's Day and the season of hearts, pink, red and all the cute things. Now having a child and tons of nieces and nephews around, it's fun to think of little crafts to put together on a whim, like these conversation heart t-shirts for Valentine's Day. Let's go over what you need! 

Apple, Peas and Spinach Baby Puree

28 January 2023


'Tis the start of #xobabyeats! If you follow me on Instagram, you know #XoEats is my thing. Now having a baby that's fully eating solids, it's so fun to experiment with blends and textures. Daniel had a little bit of a slow start with solids and was absolutely not into the first blend of veggies we gave him. We tried food our pediatrician recommended (Beechnut brand) and that worked so great. If I wasn't going to make it myself, I at least wanted to make sure we were giving him an option that was a trusted brand free of icky ingredients. Still, I'd look at the blends and couldn't get past the fact that we were giving him something I could blend up lol. For as much as I love hitting up the farmer's market every weekend, I just always envisioned myself picking fruit and veggies up for my kid and making their food. Long story short, we're there now and I'm so excited to be able to share some recipe's here! First up, apple, peas, spinach oh my! 

Checking in from Motherhood

14 October 2022


Where do I even begin? Motherhood is quite the journey of nothing but an ebb and flow. I thought I'd come back to write sooner, but I'm glad I didn't because this wouldn't have been as thoughtful of a post as one I can provide today. With almost 8 months in and still (forever) figuring this new life out, it's time to lay it out all. The good and the not so fun moments. Read on for my motherhood review. Spoiler alert, I give it 10/10 stars. 

Baby Shower Floral Arrangements

17 February 2022

It's no shocking news (especially if you follow me on Insta) that I LOVE playing with flowers. Flowers bring me so much joy and there's nothing I love more than creating something fresh for our home or an event. For our baby shower, I of course took charge of flowers and loved how they came out, so in this post, I'm teaching you how to recreate the look. To preface this post, I've taken a few floral design courses, so while I do have some experience learning techniques, I still think this design is very achievable for beginners. Let's go over what you need to get started!

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