Embroidered Valentine's Day Shirts

13 February 2023


It's our first DIY of 2023! So excited to bring this content back and in such a fun way. My goal for this year is to post at least one DIY every month and honestly was jazzed about this one in particular. I love Valentine's Day and the season of hearts, pink, red and all the cute things. Now having a child and tons of nieces and nephews around, it's fun to think of little crafts to put together on a whim, like these conversation heart t-shirts for Valentine's Day. Let's go over what you need! 

What You Need

1 t-shirt or onesie: Mine are Cat & Jack from Target
Felt paper: Joann's has tons of single sheets in different colors for like 40 cents each
Embroidery Thread: Also purchased from Joanns and come in many colors
Embroidery Needle
Water Soluble Marking Pen  

How To

1. Draw a heart with your marking pen and cut it out
2. Place it where you want it to be over your t-shirt and pin it down so it doesn't move
3. Take your thread and begin threading all along the heart making sure to tie a knot so the thread stays in place. 
4. Repeat the same process until finished with your conversation heart.
5. If marking pen is leftover, simply take a wet napkin and rub it right off. 
6. Voila, all done!

I'm telling you guys. Super, super easy and so fun to make. I know Valentine's Day is tomorrow but honestly, you can whip this up in an hour. Also not to mention, embroidering anything is so fun for all holidays and already have my next embroidery project thought of. Anyway, hope you love and hope you make! If you do, obvi tag me. I'd love to see your creations! Be back soon with another DIY. 

Melissa Victoria

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