Apple, Peas and Spinach Baby Puree

28 January 2023


'Tis the start of #xobabyeats! If you follow me on Instagram, you know #XoEats is my thing. Now having a baby that's fully eating solids, it's so fun to experiment with blends and textures. Daniel had a little bit of a slow start with solids and was absolutely not into the first blend of veggies we gave him. We tried food our pediatrician recommended (Beechnut brand) and that worked so great. If I wasn't going to make it myself, I at least wanted to make sure we were giving him an option that was a trusted brand free of icky ingredients. Still, I'd look at the blends and couldn't get past the fact that we were giving him something I could blend up lol. For as much as I love hitting up the farmer's market every weekend, I just always envisioned myself picking fruit and veggies up for my kid and making their food. Long story short, we're there now and I'm so excited to be able to share some recipe's here! First up, apple, peas, spinach oh my! 

What You Need

1 apple
1 1/2 cup of chopped spinach
1/4 cup of peas
**note: This makes enough for three 4 oz portions with some leftover

How To

1. Boil peas, spinach and apple in a pot of a little water for up to 10 minutes or until soft
2. Add soft ingredients into your blender with some water from your pot. I use the Baby Bullet by Nutribullet and love it!
3. Blend, let it cool down and then pour ingredients into your storage cups

Voila! It's that easy and depending how much your little one eats, you have 3-6 servings of nutritious food for the next three days. If you're not making food for immediate use, the Baby Bullet comes with a freezer storage tray that comes in handy when pre-making meals. I like to make food for immediate use, hence the smaller ingredient portions, but again, totally up to you! Honestly blending baby food is like making a smoothie over and over again. So fun and so good for your baby. Anyway, I have a few other blends Daniel has absolutely loved that I'll share soon. Chat soon!

Melissa Victoria

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