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30 April 2014

Want Wednesday

For some lucky people in the world, pay day lands on Wednesday and fortunately for me, I fall under that category! It seems like every Wednesday as my bank account grows, so does my closet. Here's a tiny list of items I'm eyeing:

Wired Ring | Emerald Skater Skirt | Mustard Zara Bow Heels | Black Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch | Peach Earrings | Floral Crop Top | Beige Gaucho Pants

xo..Brocade Closet

Trending Necklaces

25 April 2014

Spring is in full effect and by now you might be noticing a few pieces missing from your wardrobe.  My advice would be to recycle as much as you can from the Fall/Winter seasons, and focus more on my favorite-accessories.  A simple piece can add so much life to an outfit, you don't even have to over do your choices or pack on your whole jewelry drawer.  My favorite accessories are necklaces and this Spring/Summer, I definitely want to add more to my collection.  You don't necessarily need one in every color, instead try more universal tones or colors that better match your wardrobe.  I wear a lot of black and white/neutral colors so bright necklaces work very well with my womp womp outfit tones-ha!  Check out the compilation of necklaces I'm really vibing below, happy Spring accessories shopping!

xo..Brocade Closet

Shades of Pink

Dylanlex Inspo

Spring Jewelry

ShoeDazzle and gx by Gwen Stefani

19 April 2014

Well hello shoe collectors!  I'm sure this is old news to you all, but if you really had no idea, Gwen Stefani has launched her shoe collection with online fashion subscription, ShoeDazzle.  In case you're not familiar with ShoeDazzle, I'll run down how it works real quick.

Every month, ShoeDazzle puts out limited time only shoe collections that get replaced with the next months collection and so on and so fourth.  Users basically sign up for a monthly subscription that costs $39.95 and that covers shoes you want to purchase and shipping fees.  So for example, if I signed up and really wanted two pairs of shoes that totaled out to $39.95, I wouldn't pay a dime because my subscription fee already covered it.  If I choose to not purchase any shoes next month, I simply select the 'not buying this month' button and I'm not charged the monthly fee.  Users can keep skipping months for as long as they want and buy whenever they want. Should you forget to let ShoeDazzle know you're not purchasing any shoes that month, no worries, the credit rolls over for next time. Also, first time users get an awesome chance at 50% off your first pair so that's just another awesome perk.

The latest ShoeDazzle collection that I'm googoo gaga eyed over is gx by Gwen Stefani.  The entire line screams Gwen Stefani's rocker chic style, not to mention the prices are really affordable in comparison to her fashion line, L.A.M.B.  The collection features an array of stiletto heels all designed to be worn throughout the day, with any outfit combination.  Check out images of this new line below or simply click here to jump straight to shopping!

Can you guys guess which ones I ordered?...xo Brocade Closet

Sneak 'a' Peek

08 April 2014

Inside my Clutch

Hey all!  This Spring season, I'm really vibing clutches just because they're small, easy to carry around and depending where you shop, can be super inexpensive.  The only con is how much you can really stuff inside but the point of having a clutch is to NOT stuff them like you would a bag.  Lately, I've been carrying around a small clutch I bought months ago and try to keep the contents to a minimum.  Aside from my ID and ATM card, here are my daily essentials found in my clutch.  How do you pack for your day? Let me know!

xo..Brocade Closet

Coachella 2014: Celebrity Style Inspiration

Ahh the most stylish festival of all festival's is here!  Oh the envy I feel towards all of you who are lucky enough to attend.  With that being said, Coachella 2015 I'm coming for you!  I totally said that last year and the year before that too but this time I'm definitely going to jump on the pre-sale option so the ticket purchase doesn't feel too bad.  Anyways, aside from the music fest, the funnest part of Coachella planning must be the outfits!  I'd say my favorite style is Bohemian mainly because I really do believe that in my previous life, I was a huge hippie rockin' and rollin' at Woodstock.  So if I was going to Coachella, I would definitely grab my indian moccasins, round Ray Ban glasses, distressed shorts and a headband. One celebrity that avidly attends the annual music festival in her best bohemian outfits is Vanessa Hudgens.  I always look forward to see her pictures and what she wore because not only is she so darn cute, so is her style-it fits her perfectly.  For some inspiration, below are a few of her outfits from previous Coachella festival's, happy packing!

xo..Brocade Closet

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