Coachella 2014: Celebrity Style Inspiration

08 April 2014

Ahh the most stylish festival of all festival's is here!  Oh the envy I feel towards all of you who are lucky enough to attend.  With that being said, Coachella 2015 I'm coming for you!  I totally said that last year and the year before that too but this time I'm definitely going to jump on the pre-sale option so the ticket purchase doesn't feel too bad.  Anyways, aside from the music fest, the funnest part of Coachella planning must be the outfits!  I'd say my favorite style is Bohemian mainly because I really do believe that in my previous life, I was a huge hippie rockin' and rollin' at Woodstock.  So if I was going to Coachella, I would definitely grab my indian moccasins, round Ray Ban glasses, distressed shorts and a headband. One celebrity that avidly attends the annual music festival in her best bohemian outfits is Vanessa Hudgens.  I always look forward to see her pictures and what she wore because not only is she so darn cute, so is her style-it fits her perfectly.  For some inspiration, below are a few of her outfits from previous Coachella festival's, happy packing!

xo..Brocade Closet

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