Radish Toast Recipe

20 June 2018

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Hey there!  I'm back with an easy, summer recipe that I highly recommend.  We've seen eggs on toast, avocado on toast, bacon and tomato on toast and just about everything else, but is it just me or have I been hiding under a rock somewhere that I haven't tried radish on toast yet??  If you're on my same boat listen up!  I saw this recipe in a book a long time ago and never gave it a try until this week.  Let's get real, I never really cared about radishes so I'm actually shocked I enjoyed this haha.  The recipe to make this doesn't require a ton, just:

Floral Wreath Tutorial

19 June 2018

Hey guys!  I have another fun tutorial for you all.  Floral wreath's have been my muse as of late and absolutely love them as home decor or I know lately I've seen them at tons of events.  With wedding planning coming along, I've definitely been in the trenches of finding inspiration for cool decorations and when I came about a Pinterest photo of a bunch of wreath's all lined up together, I just fell in love for a hot second.  Not sure if I'll actually use any, but it was still fun to put a wreath together to share with any other brides out there who would like to make their own.  The cool thing about these wreath's are they don't only have to be used for weddings or event purposes, they can totally be rocked as home decor.  In these photos, I hung the wreath right over my niece's crib and thought it looked too cute.  Anyway, let's go over what you need and how to make something like this!

How to Make Frosé This Summer

11 June 2018

Hey there! Summer is DAYS away and it finally feels more like it here in Orange County.  It's been about 80 degrees since Friday and I'm loving it.  With all this heat, it's so nice to enjoy a refreshing cocktail or drink of your choice and for some reason, all I wanted on Sunday was frosé.  If you're not familiar with this drink yet, it's frozen rosé that you won't regret haha.  Trust me on this one, friends - you have to try it!  Anyway, because I wanted it so bad, I made my own and really liked it.  The recipe is super simple so go ahead and start thanking me now.  Here's how to make it:

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