How to Make Frosé This Summer

11 June 2018

Hey there! Summer is DAYS away and it finally feels more like it here in Orange County.  It's been about 80 degrees since Friday and I'm loving it.  With all this heat, it's so nice to enjoy a refreshing cocktail or drink of your choice and for some reason, all I wanted on Sunday was frosé.  If you're not familiar with this drink yet, it's frozen rosé that you won't regret haha.  Trust me on this one, friends - you have to try it!  Anyway, because I wanted it so bad, I made my own and really liked it.  The recipe is super simple so go ahead and start thanking me now.  Here's how to make it:

1. Freeze one bottle of rosé overnight or for a couple of hours.  You can toss it in a container in the morning to be ready by dinner time.  I used tupperware to freeze but I know you can also use an ice cube tray if you'd like!

2. Once frozen, scoop out your frozen wine and toss it all into a blender.  You can blend as is and serve, or for sweetness, you can add simple ingredients like agave syrup, lemon juice or fruits like watermelon or raspberries.

3. Once you've blended all your ingredients, serve and drink right away because this icy drink will melt under the hot weather!

Your final step is to enjoy it with your friends or family.  Super easy to make, right?  I plan on perfecting a recipe all summer, but maybe not go too crazy since I'm still planning on that wedding bod haha.  Anyway, hope you guys enjoy and if you do make your own recipe, share it below or fill me in on Insta!

Melissa Victoria

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