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20 June 2024

Life update: I lost my job. Here's the story. Days before I came back to work from maternity leave, I learned the company I worked for was closing it's CA office and moving to the East Coast. Yeah it was bittersweet because I loved the brand I worked for and I really loved my co-workers, but the reality of it all was this was the best thing that could have happened. I was genuinely sad this time around to go back to work because I had such a great time on leave with my two littles. We enjoyed our daily park trips and doing all the relaxing things having a job didn't allow. So really, when I found out about this, it felt like I had another chance to leave again in a few months to spend more time with my babies. Flash forward to the last day of April, I wrapped up work and kicked off my funemployment. It has now been just over a month of not working, I just turned 34 a few days ago and it all just feels like an awesome time to refocus my personal goals. 

First goal is to work on my health. We all know how much good health means to me and as a very busy mom, I worry I'm not doing enough for me. There are days where I catch myself not eating as I should, not actually relaxing when I should be, always feeling like I have something to do but yet not making time to do things I SHOULD be doing. This year, I want to work on that. I want to be mindful of eating when I should be and actually sit down to eat. I want to create a chores schedule where I don't feel like I have to do it all at once. I'd love to get a few workouts in a week before the kids wake up so that I can actually relax when they go down for a nap. Honestly these things aren't unachievable, it's just about re-jigging my schedule. Health is what's going to keep me going for these kids and what's best for my family, so I'm excited to get started and see how it works for me!

Another goal is to bring in additional income separate to my job. Being let go taught me something major - always have a plan. I'm so fortunate to live in a dual-income household where we're totally fine without my income. Still, I don't like not contributing and having my own income is something that's going to bring me peace. Without having to dedicate much time to this blog, I've still been landing some super fun campaign deals where I earn additional income. I always think to myself, if I could just hustle and put myself out there more as I used to, what could that income honestly look like? I've been on both ends of influencer management and I know how much these creators make. Why can't that be me? I've been doing this for over a decade and creating content is my absolute jam! So, if you see me more on here or Instagram, you know your girl is workin'. My personal goal is to match half my monthly salary pay within a year. It's a big goal, but what if it works? I'm excited about this one. 

And finally, my last goal is to find a job I absolutely love. I'm entering the market as a brand new person. There's truly nothing more I like than to use my brain and do something that I love. Time after time, I thank my lucky stars for choosing a career that has offered me so much growth and helped me power through some incredible experiences. I can't imagine kicking back now and am so excited to find the perfect match. Whether I stay in beauty or join a new industry, I just want it to be the best time because I'm coming from working with incredible people and that made all the difference. I have a lot of career expectations for myself and I'm looking to plant roots and grow. The world is my oyster! 

Omgosh speaking these goals out loud makes me even more excited to wake up "brand new" tomorrow. This is all for the better and what better day to start than on a Friday where everything just feels right. Alright, I did it. I wrote a blog post, it was great for my mental health to sit and write and I'm coming back with more soon. 

Melissa Victoria

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