10 February 2013

Hazardous Trends!
You could've avoided this picture Gaga!

Beware ladies! There are some trends out there prepping us for our most embarrassing moments yet! Stay clear of them before you experience a GaGa moment like this and are doomed with a "hey remember when.." memory. Check out these hazardous trends and great alternatives :)

Spiked Shoes

Okay, there is a difference between chic and hooker.  Some shoes with spikes are great, but keep the spikes in moderation.  Not all spikes quite work out and lately I've seen GREAT outfits from head to knee...but don't work out beyond that.  Oh the shay of having a spectacular outfit just to be ruined with these horrible shoes that squeezed themselves into becoming a fashion trend. 

Spiked shoe DON'T!!!!

Spiked shoe YES. Keep the spikes in full moderation like these Sam Edelman beauties.
Spikes on Jackets

Again, the key to wearing spikes is to keep them in complete moderation.  Leave the over the top spikes to the boys of KISS! Not every inch of your outerwear coat or jacket should be covered with spikes, besides, you never know when someone could unexpectedly get a little too close to you.  Can you imagine explaining to the doctors how your clothes popped out a strangers eye!?  Check out these examples below!
Spikes on outwear DON'T! This trench coat is so terrible haha!

YES! They're still a little risky, but a much better alternative, and super cute.
Now THIS is adorable.  An absolute yes and thumbs up.  Great alternative to wearing spikes on outerwear.

Shoes without HEELS...wait what?

Oh these shoes are just so ridiculous.  I'm sorry, I know some girls are all about these shoes but not only do they look weird, they're just so hazardous.  I tried a pair on at a boutique a while back and have never felt so unsafe, as if an ankle strap would make it any better.  They wouldn't even be considered heels since they don't even have any! Beware of these shoes ladies, you never know when a gust of wind can push you causing you to fall on your back..had you of had a heel behind your shoes, maybe your head trauma would've never happened ;) let's just be safe and stay clear from these okay? 

There is just no alternative to these shoes, try a regular more fashionable HEEL! 

Garter Tights...IN PUBLIC!?

You might as well write "I'm sexual" on your forehead and proudly walk. This trend is so hard for me to understand, just leave it within your own privacy ladies.  There is nothing more trashy than walking around with "fashionable" garters.  I've even seen some girls wear REAL garters under their shorts as an alternative to these tights and it really makes me cringe.  Go home and change into regular tights instead or even lace tights if you do wanna give off a sexy look-but all in all, there is NOTHING more trashy and classless than wearing garters out in public.  How is this hazardous? Well, would you consider resembling a hooker and being confused for one? So embarrassing.

Cute from head to waste, get rid of the tights and maybe add nude heels to avoid looking like a bumble bee.

No....just no.
Morticia Nails

I just want to say this about these nails. Unless you want to poke someone's eye out, if not your own..or need an extra help scratching an itch..leave these only to Morticia herself :)

Ladies, try all the better alternatives! I'd hate for you to have a great outfit and then ruin it with a hazardous trend.  Hope you all had a great weekend, tootles for now.
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