June Favorites

30 June 2021

Hi hi! I saw a fun IG story template today that was all about June favs and it inspired me to write this post. Not gonna lie, while mentally answering some of the questions, I thought there was definitely a ton of room for improvement and discovery in my life. Not that I like to repeat things in life, it's just so easy to stick to what you know! I think this exercise is going to help me reflect on things I learned to love and push me to seek more newness in my life too. Okay let's get this month's recap started!


24 June 2021


I remember the days when I'd spend all day thinking about blog posts, be excited to take pictures to support its content, support my work on social, be known as a blogger before 'influencer' took precedence, get excited to meet and mingle with other bloggers, etc. There's a lot this blog has given me and every time I ghost it, I think constantly think about. 

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