24 June 2021


I remember the days when I'd spend all day thinking about blog posts, be excited to take pictures to support its content, support my work on social, be known as a blogger before 'influencer' took precedence, get excited to meet and mingle with other bloggers, etc. There's a lot this blog has given me and every time I ghost it, I think constantly think about. 

Not gonna lie, running a blog and having a full time career on the side is hard work. It was a lot easier to run this blog when I was younger in my career and had much more time to dedicate to it. Things change overtime and priorities shift, ya know. Even then, I've never actually thought of putting this to an end. On the flip side, I've thought about how else to grow it and how to continue building the platform that catapulted me into countless opportunities. My only answer at the moment is to recommit and regain that excitement I had when building topics to write about. Not that I lost that excitement, it's more so that I became so busy with all other things it became hard to think about blog topics. At the very least though, I've stayed consistent on Instagram and think something I can do more is to actively cross promote and give my followers a reason to come visit this page. I love to see the dedication of bloggers who use both platforms to build themselves and truly admire those who can hop on and do fun social stories, etc. Not too much of an IG Story girl myself, but I think it's worth maybe dipping my toes in a little more to engage my community and simply find out what they want to see more of. 

I recently landed my biggest blogger/influencer deal yet and it really reminded me to find time to recommit to this because none of that would ever have been possible if I'd never started this blog. It's so easy to just constantly post on Instagram, but as fast as Instagram became something, it can easily go away. I started here first and honestly I'm so happy and proud I did. This blog is like a portfolio of my life - why would I stop adding to it? Feels like I'd be missing huge chunks!

So anyway, I'll keep this short. Just wanted to pop in to say I'm recommitting, I'm working on a content calendar (like the old days) and am so excited to keep on growing this blog. 

Melissa Victoria

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