June Favorites

30 June 2021

Hi hi! I saw a fun IG story template today that was all about June favs and it inspired me to write this post. Not gonna lie, while mentally answering some of the questions, I thought there was definitely a ton of room for improvement and discovery in my life. Not that I like to repeat things in life, it's just so easy to stick to what you know! I think this exercise is going to help me reflect on things I learned to love and push me to seek more newness in my life too. Okay let's get this month's recap started!

June Favorites

TV Show:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Martin and I became Bravo fans over the 2020 quarantine and binge-watched Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. To say we were excited to watch these LA ladies again is an understatement!


Cruella! It was so so good! Emma Stone did a fantastic job and I absolutely loved the costumes and fashion. The storyline was amazing and am crossing my fingers for a sequel. It's streaming on Disney+ for an additional cost and highly recommend anyone watch it. 


Hmm does a green juice count? It's not chips or chocolate and maybe doesn't fit the 'snack' bill, but I love a good smoothie! My current favorite blend: Spinach, frozen mango, papaya, pineapple, banana, ginger powder and coconut water. 


Running! I ran my first half marathon on my birthday and I thought I'd never want to do that again, but after the shock, I think I'd definitely do that again lol. Honestly I'm not sure when I became so into running, but it's my therapy and I really enjoy it. 


I'm gonna have to change this up next month because I don't watch a single YouTube channel except for Laura Vitale's cooking show lol. Any recs!?

Wardrobe Piece:

These JustFab sandals. They're so cute and the perfect shoe when you want to up your outfit, but not wear a taller heel. It's a casual sandal and am loving it's nude shade! Also because I can't stick to just one, my new Adidas UltraBoost sneakers. Martin gifted them to me for my birthday and they're the Louboutin of running shoes! Game. Changers. For. Real. 


Another thing I have to change, and been wanting to change! I need to read more. I have a book I never finished, so I think I'll pick it back up. 


Love is Religion by Dua Lipa! It's such a fun song and always puts me in such a great mood. 


Canva! You can make a ton of fun things on there and it really helped me create an invoice I had to share for an upcoming partnership. Super easy to use and they have a ton of great templates for many projects. 

Beauty Product:

Essie nail polish and gel setter. I can't go to Target without picking up a new polish color! It's changed my at-home manicure life and really look forward to paint nights. The gel setter is so worth it and actually helps your mani last. I did an IGTV video discussing it if you guys want to head there to check it out. 


Your Own Backyard. It's a true crime podcast that goes over the sad story of Kristen Smart's disappearance, evidence and a suspect that remained unbothered for so long. It's only about 8 episodes long and the best part is the case was picked back up as a result of this well-produced pod. 


@salty_cocina! I LOVEEEE Mexican food and this account makes tons of IG Reels and IGTV videos that shows you how to make authentic Mexican dishes. Every dish looks delicious and she does a great job at simplifying it all. 

Woo! It's been a great month of favs. Off to discover new things in July! Chat with you guys soon. 


Melissa Victoria

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