Orange Creamsicle Toddler Pouch Recipe

30 July 2023


Okay, I took a much needed hiatus but obvi worth it because have you seen my kids!? I'm full on momma of two and when I tell you this new life is incredibly challenging yet fulfilling, it's 100% all of that and more. I once heard that when you become a mom, you immediately become green which is actually really funny because I definitely fit the bill long before I became a mom. Getting my kids the best to keep them healthy is my forever job and that starts with nutrition. We've been there and back with food making sure to fork up a big bill on their food and still, there's always a little voice inside me that constantly reminds me nothing is actually fresh unless it's homemade. Anyway, long story short, we're cool to balance freshly made and as good as it gets snacks because there's also this thing called time that we don't have enough of - oy. 

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