Hollister Haul

29 January 2015

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it too early to start shopping for a spring wardrobe? OF COURSE IT'S NOT, especially when there's a clearance sale!  Fact: I love shopping, and this sounds funny, but I'm like REALLLLY good at it haha.  Finding a good sale isn't actually too hard, you just have to go to the right stores.  Depending on what you're looking for, my best advice is to keep your mind open to all the possibilities and head straight towards the clearance section first lol.  I visited my local mall yesterday and walked into Hollister thinking I was still 16 years old or something, but I'm SO GLAD I did because they're currently hosting an amazing sale on their entire clearance selection.  Not 40, not 50, but an extra 60 percent off of the lowest ticketed price {insert girly scream here}!  I bought a total of 6 items and paid about $60 for everything, which isn't bad at all considering one item I purchased was originally priced at $70.  I'm so proud and even more excited to style up allllll of my new pieces! Favorite item from my haul?  Overalls with a boyfriend jean cut that I can't wait to shoot this weekend!  Check out the pieces I purchased below and if you don't have a local Hollister to visit, shop the clearance selection here!

xo..Brocade Closet

Home Living Inspiration

23 January 2015

In lieu of my successful bedroom transformation {that I'm still so bumbed I don't have before pictures of}, I've pretty much self proclaimed myself a freelance interior designer ha!  I had such a great time decorating my room to my liking and finally feel that my sanctuary is a place that defines me in my current phase.  Sure I was sad to take down music posters, but I also had to conclude that a bunch of different themes would look like a huge blob in my tiny space.  Something that caught my attention while decorating my room was that items I currently had would go well in different parts of my home.  Since I share my home with three other girls, I didn't quite feel I could decorate its entirety to MY liking.  So instead, I gathered up a few pictures highlighting home décor I'm inspired by and hope to fulfill when the time comes to have my own spot to decorate. 

Living Room

This room is important to me because duh, all your guests will see it!  For this reason, I chose light décor and a dark couch.  You never know when someone can accidentally drop wine on your light toned couch and be stained foreverrrrr.  I figured a light Ikea rug is much more simple to replace than something that costs hundreds of dollars-yikes.

Living Room

Oh yessss, the room where allll the magic happens.  The Laura Vitale in me screams of excitement whenever I see a beautiful kitchen, especially kitchen showrooms.  My ultimate request? An island!  It doesn't necessarily have to be ginormous, but a decent sized one would be so fun.  Check out the vintage theme I'm vibing below, tea parties anyone??

I'm not much of a gardener, but I think I might have a green thumb.  Plants/vegetables I've planted in my lifetime have all miraculously grown, so when I have my own spot, I'd love to make room for plenty of planting!  Here's some patio inspiration I've come up with.


I don't usually do my make up here, just my hair.  However, that doesn't take away the importance of having a room with a diva feel you know what I mean??  When my roomies and I have an outing, we usually let the bathroom be the designated transformation area, so I let that be my inspiration for my future decoration.  Fun frames, gold and motto's scream diva in the making ;)

The Jean Top

22 January 2015

Outfit Details
Sunglasses: Chanel (shop Chanel here and similar here+here)//Jean Top: H&M (shop similar here+here and here)// Jeans: Michael by Michael Kors (shop similar here+here and here)// Bag: French Connection (shop here+here)// Heels: Zara (shop similar here+here) Necklace: Forever 21 (shop similar here+here)// Watch: Michael Kors (shop similar here+here+splurge here )

Casual days to important cities (like DTLA) call for outfits that scream, "Oh this!? It's my every day wear"...even though you know you don't really walk around like that all the time lol.  Introducing, my kind of casual outfit!  Any outfit completely transforms itself with a basic pair of comfortable heels, and that's the exact reason why I have a cute collection of heels in different colors.  Ladies if you ever find a brand of heels that are extremely comfortable, buy multiple!! You never know when you'll need to throw a pair on to sass an outfit out.  My brand of choice? Zara!  I don't mind spending money on shoes there because every single pair I've ever owned has been so comfortable, no other heel brand compares.  Let me know what your brand of choice is, can't wait to shop your selections!

xo..Brocade Closet   

Melissa: Uncovered Truth

03 January 2015


Happy New Year everyone!  As I was reflecting on 2014, I concluded that it was the year of  discovery.  I discovered church again, I discovered the value of honesty, I discovered love and pain, I discovered friendship and most of all, I discovered myself.  Every day was a lesson for me and as time flew by, I put those lessons to good use.  Now I'm entering 2015 with an abundant amount of love, peace, life focus, and drive.  My biggest fear was losing important people in my life, it literally would break my heart.  As a result of this, it made me cold and I built a wall as enormous as China's that blocked every single person I met along the way out of my life.  I was really good at hiding and ironically, this sounds funny, it wasn't until my dog passed away this last June that I realized I couldn't conquer every emotion by myself-I needed people so therefore I had to stop hiding.  It's hard for a person like me to show every one my true personality.  I'm a Gemini, so it's always either a hit or miss with people.  However regardless of this zodiac trait, I began to try and the word 'began' is a lot for me because letting people in my life has been my biggest struggle.  I used to believe in "why let people into my life when all they'll do is leave me in the end", but now I'm all for it!  Just because important friends and family I loved during my 24 years of existence aren't with me anymore doesn't mean I have to be bitter and closed off.  So in efforts of uncovering myself, I present to you all 10 things you might not know about me.

xo..Melissa Victoria

1.  I have hyper mobility syndrome!  That basically means my body is overly flexible and it's kind of neat lol.

2. In High School, I was a cheerleader and around this time 8 years ago, I performed at the London New Year parade in front of thousands of people! Being a UCA All Star has been one of my proudest moments and that experience has remained one of my top best of my life.

3. My favorite musical album is Blink 182's 'The Tom, Mark and Travis Show'.  Blink 182 was the first rock based band I remember listening to when I was like 6 or 7 so I grew up LOVINNNNG them to pieces.  I've never owned this album and I'm not sure why so I think I need to make that happen this year!

4. I enjoy watching sports!  I look forward to Fall because of football season and Spring to enjoy baseball/soccer.  Favorite teams are the Green Bay Packers, LA Galaxy, and Angels.  I think I'll try to get into Hockey this year since I have the Ducks right across the street from Angels Stadium.

5. I've always had more guy friends than girls!  Unfortunately, I never really had that one girlfriend that's like my BEST FRIEND FOREVER and more so my best friend for now (I know it's so sad how closed off I've been to girls).  Instead, I was blessed with a bunch of guy friends that I owe a lot to.  The life lessons I've taken from these people couldn't have been learned elsewhere so I'm content with this.  Who knows, maybe this year when I work on not being so closed off I can actually let more females into my life!

6. I'm a concert junkie!  I love listening to live music, it's one of my absolute favorite things to do!  This last year I was so lucky to have watched some of my favorites, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Fleetwood Mac and Morrissey.

7. Speaking of Morrissey, he is the love of my musical life.  It sounds weird but his music speaks so much truth to me and solves a lot of my problems.  One of my best friends had an extra ticket to his concert back in May and I was able to watch him in my home town, which was just so amazing.  Favorite songs between him and The Smiths include Speedway, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, Asleep, I Know It's Over-the list goes on.

8. I'm currently in grad school! It was a goal that I didn't think I would accomplish yet but it happened and so far I'm enjoying it!  I discovered what I was meant to professionally do and although in the end, it was a no brainer, I'm glad I figured this out.  I was feeling so chained down to my unhappy work life and now that I've cultivated my personal tunnel vision, I'm excited to make strides towards my ultimate goal of becoming the Director of Communications for an educationally based organization that works with the youth living in urban neighborhoods.

9. I don't read much lol.  This is a weird truth but I wish I read more so I'm going to try to incorporate books into my night time routine.  Any books you guys want to recommend?!  Pass 'em my way!

10. My life goal is to be economically stable.  This aspiration was born when I stepped foot into the walk in closet of a bachelorette pad my mom used to clean.  Designer shoes, bags, clothes..everything!  This woman had her own and the words my mom told me that day have been engraved into my brain ever since.  She said, "Pay attention, let this serve as an example of where hard work can lead you. Create goals, accomplish them and then you can independently enjoy this life."  It's not about being materialistic or having a high end closet.  To me, it's about being so stable where anything that comes my way won't worry me.  If I want to get married one day, I can do so because I can afford the type of wedding I want.  If I want to donate to a charity, I can give as much as I want because I can.  If my parents need something, opening up my checkbook won't be an issue. The sexiest thing a woman can have is her own back and that's exactly what my goal is.  Let me also end this note on the fact that it's never too late to improve oneself.  Set backs are only set backs if you continue to run the same cycle, so you know what?  Get up and do something every day to chase after the life you want.

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