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23 January 2015

In lieu of my successful bedroom transformation {that I'm still so bumbed I don't have before pictures of}, I've pretty much self proclaimed myself a freelance interior designer ha!  I had such a great time decorating my room to my liking and finally feel that my sanctuary is a place that defines me in my current phase.  Sure I was sad to take down music posters, but I also had to conclude that a bunch of different themes would look like a huge blob in my tiny space.  Something that caught my attention while decorating my room was that items I currently had would go well in different parts of my home.  Since I share my home with three other girls, I didn't quite feel I could decorate its entirety to MY liking.  So instead, I gathered up a few pictures highlighting home décor I'm inspired by and hope to fulfill when the time comes to have my own spot to decorate. 

Living Room

This room is important to me because duh, all your guests will see it!  For this reason, I chose light décor and a dark couch.  You never know when someone can accidentally drop wine on your light toned couch and be stained foreverrrrr.  I figured a light Ikea rug is much more simple to replace than something that costs hundreds of dollars-yikes.

Living Room

Oh yessss, the room where allll the magic happens.  The Laura Vitale in me screams of excitement whenever I see a beautiful kitchen, especially kitchen showrooms.  My ultimate request? An island!  It doesn't necessarily have to be ginormous, but a decent sized one would be so fun.  Check out the vintage theme I'm vibing below, tea parties anyone??

I'm not much of a gardener, but I think I might have a green thumb.  Plants/vegetables I've planted in my lifetime have all miraculously grown, so when I have my own spot, I'd love to make room for plenty of planting!  Here's some patio inspiration I've come up with.


I don't usually do my make up here, just my hair.  However, that doesn't take away the importance of having a room with a diva feel you know what I mean??  When my roomies and I have an outing, we usually let the bathroom be the designated transformation area, so I let that be my inspiration for my future decoration.  Fun frames, gold and motto's scream diva in the making ;)

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