Royal Blue Dress | Banana Republic

20 October 2016

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Dress: Banana Republic (Shop the exact dress here + similar style here) // Jacket: Nordstrom (Shop here + similar here) // Bag: Kate Spade (Shop here) // Shoes: Diane von Furstenberg (Shop similar here + splurge here)

With the warmer seasons behind us, does color seem like something of the past?  It's like an unwritten rule or something where maybe florals and bright colors might not be fashionably accepted- who comes up with these things!?  I do have to say that although my favorite color is black, I do naturally gravitate towards every bright color in front of me.  When I received my latest collaboration package from Banana Republic, I freaked out when I saw this royal blue dress.  I immediately thought nude shoes would be the best way to style this dress, but then I thought about how cute it would be to make it look a little edgy!  I had just purchased a new leather jacket from Nordstrom that I was dying to wear, so on top of this dress it went.  If there is a way to combine seasonal wear with off-season colors, I'm all about it.  You guys know I love transitional clothing so you can definitely bet this dress is going to come back out on the first day of spring!  Anyway, don't forget you can shop my look by clicking on the links above in the details.  See you guys later!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

Music Monday | Weekend Recap

17 October 2016

Hey guys, happy Monday!  Over the weekend, Martin and I went to The Offspring and Sublime with Rome concert at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater and had such a great time.  Martin and I are music opposites so it was super fun to enjoy a show together since I'm such a concert junkie!  I've been trying to wrap up as many concerts at this particular venue because it's my favorite EVER and sadly, in just two weeks,  Irvine Meadows will shut its doors forever.  Ahhhhh I've been trying to forget this is actually happening because I have several memories there and have seen so many artists at this venue that it actually hurts!  I'm not completely ready to say goodbye and will only believe it's not there when I don't see it anymore *insert ugly cry face here*.  Anyway, The Offspring played a majority of their hits that made me feel SO nostalgic!  I remember listening to them when I was like 12!  The Offspring is always a fun band to watch because you will always have such a great time singing along to their hits.  I'd say the highlight of their set was watching two mosh circles convert into one HUGE circle and then fans making a big fire in the middle of the circle lol.  You gotta love these shows!! Sublime took the stage last and played an awesome blend of old and new music.  I have a huge heart for Sublime because I love love love Bradley Nowell, so it's always bittersweet to listen to Sublime w/Rome.  I do have to give Rome credit for signing up to help fill in such big shoes but hey, he does a great job.  Anyway, below is one of my all time favorite Sublime songs to kick start your week.  Talk to you guys latuhhh!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

How To Wear a Double Buckle Belt

16 October 2016

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Crop Top: Zara (Shop similar here + here) // Skirt: Target Who What Wear Collection (Shop similar here + here) // Belt: Windsor - sold out (Shop similar here + here) // Bootes: HM (Shop similar here + here)

Let me tell you guys about the time I bought this super cute (and inexpensive) belt for my first ever Coachella.  Well, long story short, I had planned on wearing this the day I watched Guns N' Roses with my vintage high waisted shorts and GNR shirt.  I ended up forgetting the belt and I was pretty devastated because it was that one accessory that I knew was going to complete my outfit.  Le sigh. Flash forward to a few months post Coachella, I finally got myself to toss this belt around my waist and give it a spin.  This is only my second time wearing it and I honestly love it so much for its versatility.  I've seen my girlfriends wear this type of belt with shorts or jeans and it always looks so darn cute.  I chose to wear it one time around a tunic jean dress I have to create a more body hugging figure and then again around this hunter green skirt as just a fun accessory.  I don't usually wear belts, but when I do I love to toss them around my waist!  It's something about the feminine touch of showing off ones waist that sparks the call I guess haha.  Anyway, I hope your weekend was great.  Have a great first day of the week tomorrow!

Xo..Melissa Victoria 

Fall Door Wreath | DIY

06 October 2016

You'll Need:

1 Wooden Wreath - Joann's carries three different sizes (this one is medium sized)
1 Burlap Roll - I only used about 4 ft.
An assortment of artificial fall blooms
20 gauge garden wire - I used brown 


Glue gun
8 gauge wire or any other thick garden wire

How To

1. First, take your artificial flowers and sort of play around with a design for your wreath.  I basically started with my two largest stems and then worked around them.

2. Once you have an idea of where you want to place your stems, take your 20 mm gauge wire and connect each stem to another.  You'll want to wrap the wire around both stems a few times until they're locked and secure to each other. 

3. Once all your stems are wired up, turn the final piece upside down and determine whether or not you need to add any additional wire.  If not, you are ready to connect your floral arrangement to the wreath.  

4. To connect, place your arrangement over any side of the wreath and kind of dig around for the middle of the arrangement - this is where you will place the wire.  Take whatever size wire you have and starting from the bottom of the wreath, coil the wire around the arrangement and wreath a few times until you notice it's stable.  While wrapping the wire, make sure you can either hide it with the artificial leaves or if it is visible, you can also place a piece of burlap over.  I chose to hide it under the leaves.

5. Finally, take your burlap and simply wrap it around the wreath as far as you'd like.  I only covered half of the wreath and left the rest empty for a more rustic fall look. 

That's all it takes!  I'll be back with another DIY soon!

Xo..Melissa Victoria
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