Music Monday | Weekend Recap

17 October 2016

Hey guys, happy Monday!  Over the weekend, Martin and I went to The Offspring and Sublime with Rome concert at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater and had such a great time.  Martin and I are music opposites so it was super fun to enjoy a show together since I'm such a concert junkie!  I've been trying to wrap up as many concerts at this particular venue because it's my favorite EVER and sadly, in just two weeks,  Irvine Meadows will shut its doors forever.  Ahhhhh I've been trying to forget this is actually happening because I have several memories there and have seen so many artists at this venue that it actually hurts!  I'm not completely ready to say goodbye and will only believe it's not there when I don't see it anymore *insert ugly cry face here*.  Anyway, The Offspring played a majority of their hits that made me feel SO nostalgic!  I remember listening to them when I was like 12!  The Offspring is always a fun band to watch because you will always have such a great time singing along to their hits.  I'd say the highlight of their set was watching two mosh circles convert into one HUGE circle and then fans making a big fire in the middle of the circle lol.  You gotta love these shows!! Sublime took the stage last and played an awesome blend of old and new music.  I have a huge heart for Sublime because I love love love Bradley Nowell, so it's always bittersweet to listen to Sublime w/Rome.  I do have to give Rome credit for signing up to help fill in such big shoes but hey, he does a great job.  Anyway, below is one of my all time favorite Sublime songs to kick start your week.  Talk to you guys latuhhh!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

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