Fall Door Wreath | DIY

06 October 2016

You'll Need:

1 Wooden Wreath - Joann's carries three different sizes (this one is medium sized)
1 Burlap Roll - I only used about 4 ft.
An assortment of artificial fall blooms
20 gauge garden wire - I used brown 


Glue gun
8 gauge wire or any other thick garden wire

How To

1. First, take your artificial flowers and sort of play around with a design for your wreath.  I basically started with my two largest stems and then worked around them.

2. Once you have an idea of where you want to place your stems, take your 20 mm gauge wire and connect each stem to another.  You'll want to wrap the wire around both stems a few times until they're locked and secure to each other. 

3. Once all your stems are wired up, turn the final piece upside down and determine whether or not you need to add any additional wire.  If not, you are ready to connect your floral arrangement to the wreath.  

4. To connect, place your arrangement over any side of the wreath and kind of dig around for the middle of the arrangement - this is where you will place the wire.  Take whatever size wire you have and starting from the bottom of the wreath, coil the wire around the arrangement and wreath a few times until you notice it's stable.  While wrapping the wire, make sure you can either hide it with the artificial leaves or if it is visible, you can also place a piece of burlap over.  I chose to hide it under the leaves.

5. Finally, take your burlap and simply wrap it around the wreath as far as you'd like.  I only covered half of the wreath and left the rest empty for a more rustic fall look. 

That's all it takes!  I'll be back with another DIY soon!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

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