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20 September 2016

With my sister's wedding coming up in just two weeks, I'm starting to realize how much I'm going to miss making things!  I mean obviously I'll never stop crafting because it's clearly my hobby (haha) but crafting to display items has been so much fun.  Earlier this month, my mom and I threw my sister a Golden Bohemian themed Bridal Shower and I just knew a lot of floral arrangements would be required.  Something my sister requested was a 'bride' sign of some sort and after a few Pinterest pins, we found one we really liked.  The pin we found came with very basic instructions that you can find here but I'll go over what you need below!

You'll Need

Cardboard Letters
Fresh or Artificial Flowers 
Floral Foam
Glue Gun
Box Cutter

How To

1. Begin by puncturing the top of the letters with your box cutter.  You'll need to cut out only the top layer of cardboard but keep the walls in place since you'll be filling them in with flowers.
2. Next, start cutting an assortment of flowers making sure to leave about an inch of stem. 
3.  Cut out rectangular or square pieces of the floral foam to stuff the inner walls of the letters.  See the image below for an example.

4. After your foam is in place, start puncturing the flower stems into the foam.  This part will be completely up to your decorating taste.  I used big flowers first and then took smaller ones to cover the foam around them.
5. Finally, take your glue gun and glue down any loose leaves or flowers.

 Xo..Melissa Victoria

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