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08 September 2016

Can I get a HALLELUJAH GO PACK GO!? The sport season of all season's is back and boy am I ready to violently scream at my poor tv again - yikes.  But seriously, this is the time of year where all civilness is thrown out the window and my poor sportsmanship kicks in lol.  I never played competitive sports when I was little, so I really never knew what it was like to be okay with losing.  Yeah I was in cheer and we didn't always place first, but it didn't really matter to me as much as it matters that my team wins every single game.  It's something about football that really gets my gears going!  Anyway, in honor of the 2016 NFL season, I put together my top NFL Shop picks for all my fellow football loving women looking for feminine sportswear to throw on every game day.  Obviously I only chose Packers clothing, but the online shop carries every team.  Bring on all the pizza, all the hot wings, all the guacamole, all the hot dogs and most importantly, bring on all the beer.  Happy NFL season to you all, may the best team win #GoPackGo!

xo..Melissa Victoria
Obviously you need a fitted jersey! This one comes in green, navy and white!

I love the versatility of this tank top.  It can be warn with jeans and sandals, or alternatively, with a jacket over during colder weather.

The v-neck of this hoodie is super cute!  All sizes are currently available.
Hurry, there's only a small left in this cute top!
Dooney and Bourke, you are killing me SO GOOD with this one!

Yes to team joggers!! I'll definitely put these to work during game days where I know I'm going to eat all the food I can haha WOOP WOOP!

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