DIY | Kate Spade Pearl Place Inspired Wine Glasses

05 September 2016

I bet you guys were wondering when my next DIY post would be up haha. Welllll, I photographed A LOT over the last month to share with you guys!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know it's been quite the exciting time full of bridal events.  I've said this many times before: my sister couldn't have given me a better job than to be her Maid of Honor and create several things for detail purposes.  When we invited 19 girls out to her bachelorette party, I knew I wanted to gift everyone a toasting glass that matched our color scheme.  I found super cute glasses everywhere with fun glitter, polka dot, rhinestoned and striped details...but get real, I wasn't gonna spend more than $10 on each glass because duh, multiply that times 19 plus all other gifts I wanted to provide.  I honestly saw that as an opportunity to entertain myself for a bit as well as challenge myself to a new craft session.  Needless to say, the total amount I spent on creating these Kate Spade inspired glasses cost me less than what I would have spent on just one #Winning!  Are you ready? Let's go over all the details!

You'll Need

Glass of Choice: I bought these at the Dollar Store
Gold Paint (or whatever color you're using): I used this one from Walmart
Foam Brush: I used a brush similar to these ones also from Walmart

How To 

Step 1: Clean your glass and dry it with a paper towel

Step 2: Pour your paint into a small dish (I just poured it into the cap of the paint tube)
Step 3: Starting from the bottom of the glass up, paint polka dots all around allowing space to not look too congested

Step 4: Once you're done, let the glasses dry and you're done!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

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