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25 August 2020

True story. I've shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ONE time in my life. I see it everywhere every single year and for some reason it's the last thing I pay attention to haha. To be so honest, I think it's because the summer sale I most look forward to is the Zara sale and once that's over I feel all shopped out!  However, I did browse the home section and found some really great items that caught my eye and had to share. All of these items are under $50 and things I would totally buy over clothing because #AdultLife. Anyway, here are my top 6 home picks!

I love a diffuser! Through the most stressful times or just when I want to relax, a diffuser is always my go-to desk or bedside item. You can buy essential oils just about anywhere and for it's almost $30 price, this is a definite steal. I bought one for almost this price at Target not too long ago and doesn't last too long because of its size, so I was really impressed to read this one lasts anywhere from 13-26 hours. That's a lot of eucalyptus zen time! 

Is it too early to think about Christmas gifts, cause this is it. This is the gift you want to give haha. 5 Voluspa candles for 30 bucks, come on! Not to mention, even if you wanted to pick one of these sets up for yourself, you can totally light one up in every room of your house or pop one out as you run out. I love candles, especially Voluspa candles, so this to me is a great deal and can think of three people I can easily gift these sets to. Also also, if you've never smelled a Voluspa candle you have got to get on it! Trust me, these are great. 

I love a good decanter and don't actually have one yet. It makes your bar cart or bar area look so much more fab and finely decorated, plus really ups your whiskey game. Just an overall classy home staple that I love and this one is so delicate looking it doesn't even look like you bought it for under $50. Not to mention, another great Christmas gift idea - why am I so into Christmas right now!?

Get real, wall art is always in. I can think of three walls I'd like to cover ASAP and many of these Deny Designs pieces are gorgeous. Beach will always be my favorite because it reminds me of home and pretty sunsets, so this one might just make its way into my cart. Also, if you click on Deny Designs, brace yourself. So many good things outside of this home section like cutting boards, shower curtains, bed sets, etc! 

Don't make fun of me for this one lol. Listen, bath towel sets are expensive and I'm super surprised to see this set on here! You can never own enough towels, good towels, and honestly even if you don't personally use them, at least you know you have a set for guests. The worst is having people over and not having a clean towel for them. Also they're pink, twist my arm hehe. 

Ohemgee! I've purchased a pillow similar to this, it was more than 30 bucks and now I'm pissed haha. No I'm not, but how cute is this one!? There's a black version of this as well as other fun Southwestern print options all by Pendleton worthy of checking out. I love the length of this one and how, depending on your style, you really only need one to decorate your bed or couch!

Well, there's my top 6 list! Surely I could've gone overboard with tons more, but really wanted to keep this list minimal. I'll keep browsing the sale a little more to see if I find other fun categories worthy of a list. You'll find it here if that happens, duh! Anyway, it's past my bedtime so I'll chat with you guys again soon.

Melissa Victoria

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