Peach Caprese Arugula Salad

22 August 2020


Four words. Peach. Caprese. Arugula. Salad. You're welcome! Summer salads are my absolute favorite things to eat right now, especially if they involve arugula. Like I mentioned in my last arugula recipe post, I can't get enough of this leafy green and there are so many fun ways to eat it. Another great way is in the form of (obvi) a salad, but a really tasty one! If you love a good charcuterie board, you'll love this one. Here's what you need to make it and how to put it together!


1 Handful of Arugula
1 Handful of Spinach as an optional salad base
1 Peach
Prosciutto strips
Barrata - Trader Joe's has a great optionfilled with cheese
Vinaigrette - I am obsessed with Champagne Pair from Trader Joes

How To

1. Wash your leafy greens and pat dry with a paper towel. Once dry, pour your greens into a bowl or serving plate. 

2. Slice up your peaches and if you'd like or are running low on peaches, you can cut your slices into smaller pieces. This'll help break this juicy fruit up to make sure you get a peach with every salad bite!

3. Take your prosciutto and cut chunky, bite size pieces with your fingers. 

4. Combine both the prosciutto and peaches into your salad bowl, then take your burrata and add chunks into the salad.

5. Add your choice of vinaigrette to the bowl then toss and enjoy!

Easy right? I've ate this salad as a snack or as a side along with grilled chicken or steak. Honestly, it's the perfect sweet AND salty salad your tastebuds will love, and you can thank me later for. Also, I know this recipe series is all about arugula, but adding in a handful of spinach really helps make the salad base a lot fuller, plus spinach is so great for you and blends right in! Anyway, I've been saving my favorite arugula appetizer for last so make sure to stay tuned. Chat soon! 

Xo, Melissa Victoria


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