Bump Friendly Costumes: Mike Wazowski

10 October 2021


It's my favorite time of year: DIY costume series! This time is of course so much more special because my little guy is part of it. At 5 months pregnant, it's definitely hard to fit into much unless it has tons of stretch, SOOO regular Halloween costumes were not part of the equation this year. I need something that's comfortable, bump friendly and anything other than that darn Pooh Bear costume that seems to be the only costume for pregnant chicks lol. It's cute, but we need more options, so this series will feature bump-friendly costumes - for all my pregnant mamas! First up, Mike Wazowski. Let's do this!

You'll Need:

White, black and blue felt: Bought all at Jo-Ann
Lime Green long sleeve: Bought from Amazon here
Lime Green Leggings: Bought from Amazon here
Glue Gun

How To:

1. Start with Mike's eye. Cut one large circle with white felt, followed by a smaller blue circle, then black and a tiny white.
2. Next, cut out a rectangle but with a bottom curve with your black felt. 
3. To create his teeth, simply draw triangles across your white felt then cut them out. 
4. Glue gun all circles together to create the eye and repeat the same to create the smile. 
5. Put your shirt on and mark where you'd like to place the eye and smile. 
6. Take the shirt off, lay it flat and glue gun all parts to your shirt - all done!

Easy, right!? It's basically like wearing pajamas but with a couple of felt pieces glued on haha. Anyway, stay tuned for my next costume. If you need a hint, as a mommy-to-be, I would never let my kid watch a movie featuring THESE THINGS because #nightmares. That was your hint. See you next time!

Melissa Victoria


  1. I just did this for a costume and it worked out great! My 2yo was Boo, and Dad was Sully (in a onesie). We got tons of compliments


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