Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

12 October 2021


Fall cooking is probably my favorite. There's nothing like getting cozy and enjoying the warm scents of apple, cinnamon and butternut everything! This pregnancy has upped my craving for every fruit imaginable and also pancakes. Mix the two together with a side of fall and you got yourself a very happy pregnant chick. I came across a steamed cinnamon apple topper that I had to try and I'm here to report it's 10/10 and also deserves a 10/10 for how easy it is to make. Here's how!

Bump Friendly Costumes: Mike Wazowski

10 October 2021


It's my favorite time of year: DIY costume series! This time is of course so much more special because my little guy is part of it. At 5 months pregnant, it's definitely hard to fit into much unless it has tons of stretch, SOOO regular Halloween costumes were not part of the equation this year. I need something that's comfortable, bump friendly and anything other than that darn Pooh Bear costume that seems to be the only costume for pregnant chicks lol. It's cute, but we need more options, so this series will feature bump-friendly costumes - for all my pregnant mamas! First up, Mike Wazowski. Let's do this!

Before I Continue: I'm Pregnant!

07 October 2021


This blog has half served as my personal diary and half information I love to share and write about. In wanting to document life as it happens, and for the next few posts to make so much more sense, I need to share that I'm pregnant! 20 weeks, five months, having a baby boy pregnant. When I wrote about recommitting to sharing weekly posts back in June, I had no idea what kind of weather I'd storm. That weather was called The First Trimester lol. 

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