Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

12 October 2021


Fall cooking is probably my favorite. There's nothing like getting cozy and enjoying the warm scents of apple, cinnamon and butternut everything! This pregnancy has upped my craving for every fruit imaginable and also pancakes. Mix the two together with a side of fall and you got yourself a very happy pregnant chick. I came across a steamed cinnamon apple topper that I had to try and I'm here to report it's 10/10 and also deserves a 10/10 for how easy it is to make. Here's how!

You'll Need

One red apple - in cubes

1 tbsp of brown sugar

1/2 tbsp of cinnamon powder

A spoonful of syrup

1/2 cup of water

Optional: Butter slice

How To

1. Pour your water into a warm skillet

2. Add the diced apples into the skillet and let them simmer for 5 minutes

3. Once soft, pour any excess water out

4. Top your apples with brown sugar, cinnamon and syrup then stir until all are coated

5. Top your apples over pancakes and eat!

My friends! That's how you add a little fall to your pancakes. So good and so worth the extra step to make warm cinnamon apples. In the ingredients, I did list butter as optional. When I make these apples, I make them right after I'm done cooking the pancakes, so there's usually leftover butter I can sauté the apples over. If you want to add additional butter, that's totally up to you! I personally haven't tried it that way, but I bet it tastes even better. Let me know if you try it this way and if I'm missing out! Anyway, that's my quick fall-inspired dish. Don't worry, I have more coming and you know it's true. Chat soon!


Melissa Victoria

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