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03 September 2018

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Hi again!  So it's been like two months since I've actually written a post here and about three months since I've actually sat down to plan out content.  All summer long, I was out and about planning mine and Martin's wedding and making life moves that I just felt like I couldn't do it all - you know what I mean?  I still kept in touch via Instagram, but there's nothing like giving this blog my all, so I had to take a quick break to then come back to it.  Honestly, I'm excited to be writing again and planning out content for the rest of the year! I couldn't have come back during a more special time, which is the beginning of the holiday season.  To be completely transparent, I was really dreading September 1st because I knew this would only speed up the wedding process, but now I'm not fearful at all!  So, in this post, I wanted to play catch up and update you all on what I've been up to, where I've been and what I'm looking forward to the most next!  Alright, let's get to the nitty gritty. 

What I've Been Up To

As most of you know, through Instagram or just knowing me in person, I quit my job at Taco Bell to do social media for The Drybar.  It was a really easy decision to make but a decision I don't think I ever quite thought would come into fruition.  Life at Taco Bell was FUN because many of my friends work there and it was basically a place where I would make a paycheck and hang out with my friends all day long.  Who wouldn't want that?  A corporate culture like that is very special but there was a missing piece to my career there that I knew I had to find elsewhere.  I was once challenged to make a pro's and con's list about working there and I didn't even do that because I already knew the answer.  I deserved more because I'm Melissa freakin' Mazariegos.  So, I set off to find my value outside and I found it with Drybar!  I just started a few weeks ago and my journey already has proven out to be what it was meant to be.  First of all, I love beauty, fashion, wellness all the above and making that company switch just felt right.  Being there for a few weeks has brought me back to the reality of how hungry I am to learn and expand my knowledge.  The company is big but small enough to create magic and best of all, make an impact.  I remember when I got the job, I was really nervous and turned to my mentors and leaders outside and at Taco Bell to talk to them about it and really vent.  There was no doubt in my mind and in any of their minds that this was the absolute best next step for me.  I always knew how loved I was at TB and on my last day, I wasn't even sad.  Contrary to that, I was so happy to walk away because I knew I made powerful relationships there and was doing exactly what I needed to do for myself.  If you ask me now, it feels like I started my job forever ago and so far, it's been such a happy time so thanks, Drybar!

Where I've Been

Okay so aside from starting a new job, I've also been planning a wedding and going to sleep thinking about wedding logistics like a psycho.  We are now almost five months away from the big day and things are starting to get a little more real.  Over the summer, Martin and I took our engagement pictures, that I'll have to share with you guys here, we solidified our wedding guest list and sent out save the dates.  My bachelorette party is in two months, my bridal shower is in four months so yeah. We've been pretty busy planning things out.  My goal was to have all our vendors booked by September and I freakin' did it!  Our last major vendor was to book a florist.  I had no idea how annoying that process was going to be until I realized Martin and I chose a wedding date to be a week before Valentine's Day weekend.  We were denied a total of 10 times (lol) by florists who just said they would be really busy that weekend and honestly, I was freaking out a little too much about that.  From the get-go, I told Martin photography and flowers were the most important things to do me, so can you imagine how I felt when I couldn't find a florist who wanted or could work our wedding!?  It felt awful lol.  The light that made me feel better about this was when I was advised to look for a florist 5-4 months out of our wedding because we were apparently too early to book.  Still, I kept looking anyway haha.  I finally found a florist just under a mile away from our venue and I know Jesus heard my prayers because the company I went with is full of kind hearted women who were more than willing to work with Martin and I.  I went to check out a sample that was built out for me this weekend and it was perfect.  What made me feel better was also that if for some reason we need something else that day, this company can go around the corner to their shop and grab whatever else is needed.  So that was my florist story lol.  Don't plan a wedding around Valentine's Day, jk.  Other than that, we're done booking vendors and now just have little things to take care of.

What I'm Looking Forward To

My bachelorette party, duh!!  My girls and I are heading to Cabo in exactly two months and I'm THRILLED!  I've been planning my outfits, working out more, eating what I have to eat (I cheat sometimes because I need a balanced life) and chatting with the resort we're heading out to to schedule collaborations.  I've never been to Cabo, so I'm really looking forward to kick off the bridal festivities with some of my favorite people.  Just a few days before we head out to Cabo though, my wedding dress will almost be complete!  Without giving out too many details, I made some adjustments to my dress so when I go back this October, my dress will almost be done and ready to take home.  I had an appointment this week and it was already tailored to fit me, with the exception of a few places, but it was the first time I tried on my dress and had a pretty nice glimpse of how it'll fit the day of the wedding!  I'm also looking forward to finding a place to live with Martin.  We've been deep in the home finding trenches and now that we're getting closer and closer, we're definitely weighing out our plan A and B and coming to a solid plan.  There's so much going on but a lot to be happy and feel grateful over.  Life is amazing and I'm seriously on a living spree right now, I never want this to end.  Anyway, after writing this, I feel like I definitely earned myself a break from this but now that I've stabilized myself, consider me back.  Chat with you all soon!

Melissa Victoria

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