My Fall Fashion Preview

05 September 2018

Told you guys I'd be back soon enough!  Can we just talk about how excited I am for fall!? It's my favorite season and just everything that comes along with it is so fun.  There are a few things I'm especially excited about this next season but the one thing I'm the most excited about is to bring back my DIY Halloween Costume Series.  I've already started brewing up some ideas and I'm super stoked to see what I come up with! Aside from this, I'm excited to bring out my neutral tones and dress up in fall colors, even if it'll probably be a solid 80 degrees until the end of the year haha.

This Southern California weather sucks around this time of year when you really want to wear sweaters like everyone else - fomo much!?

Anyway, I recently went shopping and picked up a few fun items I knew I'd wear all season long, regardless of the weather.  I bought two pairs of jeans, a few tops, flats and accessories.  Jeans are my thing.  I'm always wearing them and I love to experiment with different cuts and styles.  My go-to as of late has been a pair of mom jeans from Top Shop that I can't stop wearing!  They've reminded me of the waist I have and always hide under tunics *rolls eyes*.  Other than the waist feature, they're so comfortable.  I love tucking cami's in them or wearing crop tops that sit just over the waist and then pairing up the jeans with sandals or flats depending on the occasion.

Other than jeans, I'm really into scarves this season.  They've been everywhere and Cotton On has some super cute ones, like the one featured in this post.  Since my hair is so dark, it's easy to match a hair scarf to it since anything will pretty much stand out.  I purposefully purchased this polka dotted brown scarf to go with my fall color scheme and I don't regret it haha.  Martin and I are heading out to Big Bear this weekend, so you know this baby is traveling with me!

Let's talk about shoes.  Mules have ruled my life this year and I don't plan on discontinuing this trend anytime soon.  I generally love sandals or anything that slips on, so when mules started making their round, I was more than thrilled to buy a couple of pairs.  During my recent shopping trip, I purchased these leopard mules from Nordstrom Rack that I've worn basically twice a week since becoming mine haha.  Get real, if I wanted to walk around in heels every day I would, but I don't have the need to.  My job is super casual, my daily wardrobe is casual and I'm just living to be comfortable in all aspects of life!  I thought these leopard flats were going to complete my mule obsession, but I do have my eyes set on maybe one more pair - bad girl!

So there you have it.  Neutrals, high waisted jeans, mules and scarves are a few trends to expect seeing me around in this fall!  I feel like it's a pretty basic wardrobe, but something so attainable by anyone reading and looking for inspiration.  I understand it's still feeling like summer out here, but making little tweaks to your wardrobe can definitely put you in the fall spirit.  Anyway, I'll talk to you guys soon!

Melissa Victoria

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