How I Pack For A Trip

08 January 2019

It's almost time for another vacation in my life and I'm heading off to somewhere I've never been before.  Even if I've never been there, it still feels very familiar given that it's another beach where all I have to do is throw on a bathing suit and sip on a cocktail - my absolute favorite thing EVER.  Sure packing a bunch of bathing suits is easy but there's still something about the packing process that might feel like you're literally moving your life haha.  I'm notorious for packing everything but JUST enough to get me by so in this post, I'll be sharing my top three tips to packing a carry-on generously and still having it all together.  You ready for this vacay!?

First thing's first, choose a proper carry-on.  I've gone through these my whole life and this Andiamo carry-on is by far the most perfect luggage I've ever traveled with.  My last carry-on totally broke on me right before boarding a plane, so that totally sucked but needed to happen so bad haha.  It had zero space to actually store and was literally just a hollow box.  The first reason why I love my Andiamo luggage is because of all the storage pockets.  I usually pack my carry-on with outfits and run out of space for shoes, beauty products, accessories, etc.  To avoid losing any of these smaller items, I now simply toss them all into small pockets and call it a day!  This carry-on has two zipper bags, one pocket with a velcro seal and a whole other storing compartment behind this large pocket, so there is seriously tons of space to separate items and keep everything organized.  Another reason why I'm choose to travel with this bag is because of it's hard shell and wheels.  No matter how many items I pack this carry-on with, I feel happy knowing the hard shell serves as protection.  I honestly don't even bother bagging up smaller items or wrapping them with a sock or something because of the hard shell! The wheels are amazing too because instead of tilting the carry-on and then dragging the luggage, you can just roll straight away and THAT is a luxury you never thought you'd need when traveling haha.  You honestly never know when you'll have a box or an additional bag to carry so to just be able to stack it on top of the luggage and roll without tilting is super nice and less heavy.  So, step number one, choose the right carry-on!  To shop my Andiamo carry-on, click here

Step two, create an outfit itinerary.  This sounds funny but I can only have some peace of mind if I sit down and jot down what I will wear, what exactly I need for an outfit to work and then PRACTICE the outfit.  I'm a very visual person, so I need to make sure my vision for an outfit makes sense and is comfortable.  There's nothing like showing up on vacation with the most uncomfortable clothing so practice that itinerary!  After I've practiced my outfits, I go day by day (morning, lunch and dinner) and make sure I have at least three different changes for the day.  For example if I'm wearing shorts, I'll make sure I have two shirts that'll last me into the evening before I have to change into something else or whatever.  When I pack my outfits, I take an underwear and bra and stuff it in between whatever top and bottom I'm wearing, or fold it into a dress if I'm wearing that.  I just make sure that every single outfit has one designated under garment because that's obviously important!  Once all my outfits are prepared, I stack them up and drop them into my luggage.  I've been packing this way for a while now and I have yet to feel unprepared in any situation so, you're welcome!  As far as shoes, I always pack those last and usually take my chunkiest shoe with me on the plane.  Since I'm going to a beach, I don't suppose I'll be wearing super chunky shoes, maybe a block heeled sandal, but for the most part I'll be in flat sandals so that shouldn't take up too much space.  I lay any additional shoes directly on top of my clothes and call it a day!

My last step is to not overpack.  I know, how do I even explain this.  What I mean is to take your outfit itinerary serious and I promise you won't have an issue overpacking.  I know we always want to be prepared in all situations but something I remind myself of constantly is wherever you go, there will be places to shop lol.  If I don't take a sweater, that's okay, I'm sure I'd be able to manifest one somewhere on my trip!  Like, I just don't worry about packing for all occasions and only pay attention to the ones at hand.  A carry-on isn't a place for every hair tool and shoe in your closet, but for only the ones you'll actually use.  Even with a second handbag option to take on the plane with you, the only thing that finds its way inside is my passport, wallet, makeup bag with essentials, airpods and gum. I'd rather not be so full of storage coming in and plus, I hate being that passenger that takes forever to get off of the plane, too!  So, just remember, take what you need, extra underwear and if you need anything else, deal with it wherever you vacay.

That's it!  My three easy steps to preparing a carry-on for any trip have gotten me through so many trips successfully.  May I also mention, you can totally trust me because on top of making sure I've packed enough, I also have to consider the photos I have to take on my trips and make sure all is blog-worthy - oh the life of an annoying blogger haha! Anyway, can't wait to start packing for my trip soon.  I'll have to come back and fill you all in on where I'm going and what I'll be taking with me!  Chat with you guys soon.

Melissa Victoria

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