Two Nine One Nine

18 March 2019

We’re married! We did the damn thing and it was a complete dream. The last month and change has felt like a whole year has already passed since our wedding day which is crazy because I remember feeling like the last month before the wedding came and went in a blink of an eye.  We looked forward to the wedding for so long and it felt like a distant present that was just waiting for us.  

When we first started planning our wedding and checked out the venue we’d soon realize would be THE ONE, I think is when it hit me – we were getting married, we were going to do it right by God and it was going to be the wedding of my dreams, and wedding of my dreams it was. Martin and I aren’t ‘over the top’ kind of people and didn’t care to turn our wedding into a whole production.  So with simplicity, the right vision and the right team, we just hoped it’d come together the right way AND IT DID - INSERT HAPPY TEARS HERE!  Specific details can wait for other posts because hey guess what, I can actually reveal details now without ruining the overall surprise! I’ll break down the wedding to chat about core learnings, like the time not a single florist wanted to work our wedding or the time I thought I was going to need a whole new dress or the super happy times I spent with my venue and day of coordinator or the silly time I hysterically, couldn’t breathe, cried in a bathroom stall over my wedding invitations and why I opted to change into a pantsuit over a traditional second dress. Oh my SERIOUS goodness.  So much happened. Until we get there, let’s just enjoy some photos, yeah? Here are a few I’ve been dying to share, shot by our photographers, Vincent and Deyna Gomez. Chat with you all soon and this time I mean it! I was busy, cut me some slack haha. 


Venue Florals: California Flowers, LLC
Bouquet's and Boutonniere's:  South Coast Wholesale Flowers
Coordination: Katie Pederson of Confetti Skies
Dress: Jaclyn's Bridal | Rebecca Ingram "Brenda"

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